Review TU/e

    7.0 /10

    It was ranked within top 100 institutions in the world, aspect I like is the amount of learning I got, program is suited to my career interest

    Course Curriculum :

    Course curriculum is research heavy and mostly it is modelled on the lines of the best technical institutions of Germany (like TU Berlin for example). So with a burning passion one can find their way. But with 120 credits to complete, the requirements to graduate are really hard. Exams are quarterly and assignments are of short duration. The system is very different compared to India or even other English speaking countries. It is not guaranteed two years course and it depends on the individual. If you miss securing credits, it could take longer max up to 3 years and the tuition fees must be paid so long as you are enrolled. Industry exposure is present as one could find internships easily and they are also mostly research based. More Research experience comes handy during your thesis and one can be assured of doing an actual quality research as the bar is high.

    Exams :

    Requirement: IELTS 6.5 overall and 6.0 each in all individual sections, GRE is not required, My score in IELTS overall 7.0 and in sections speaking 7.0, writing 6.5, reading 7.0, listening 7.5

    Internship :

    Sorama, Eindhoven, NL. Process was through one of the Teaching Staffs.

    Placement :

    The concept of on campus placement is absent. The principle of individual responsibility is present throughout. Career fairs are arranged every year where many companies participate and some speed dates and interviews are taken up where prospective students take up internships, thesis and also final offers. If you possess relevant work experience in the study area then post study work will come handy. If offered a position, salaries are fair enough.

    Events :

    Campus has many places to hang out. Campus events are limited to the first week. Clubs like cosmos host occasional events and one day trips to nearby cities. Extra curricular activates are limited. Research facilities are not relevant as mostly technically simulated, that is the advancement in technology there. A Sports center is available on the campus. Library is there but most learning is through slides provided by the faculty and also not many books are relevant at the stage of Master's. Many study spots with comfortable seating are available. Coffee machines/ vending machines/ eateries and cafeterias and 2 SPAR stores are available in the campus.

    Fees :

    15000 Euros per annum (I was enrolled for 2 years and 3 months so it costed 34000 Euros for me). Currently I heard its 16000 per annum.

    Scholarship :

    Fully Self Funded (they automatically include you for ALSP scholarship if you apply early; but the scholarship is offered to just one or two students in the whole class who have an outstanding profile/ well ranked institutions during under graduation)

    Faculty :

    Faculty to student ratio is fair. Faculty and staff are good. They are very well versed in their domains. There are many professors in my department who have immense knowledge and intellect both in the Mathematics/ Computer Science and Electronics System groups. Dr. Dip Goswami, Dr. J.F Groote, Dr. R.J Bril, Dr. Sander, Dr. Kees Goossens and many Research/ Teaching staffs are memorable.

    Hostel :

    I chose a studio costing 700 Euros p/m (around 250 Euros allowance by government for students called huurtoeslag). Studios and other houses are usually fully furnished but they are not very spacious as in the US or Canada. Housing has high demand so not many options to chose from. University will link you with housing providers in the beginning.

    7.0 out of 10
    5.0/10Social Life