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    New Zealand University Application Deadlines

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    Consistently making appearances in QS World University Rankings Top 100, New Zealand universities attract a huge number of international students every year. These educational institutions promise a good learning experience, hence many students have set their sights on studying in New Zealand. If you are one among them, then this article will help you during the application process by providing information on deadlines and application fees.

    The higher education institutions in New Zealand are divided into universities, of which there are 8, and Institutes of Technology and Polytechnics (ITPs), of which there are 16.

    Application Deadlines for New Zealand Universities

    Most New Zealand universities follow a two-semester system, but there are some which follow a three-semester system. All of them have slightly varying intakes, as there is no centralized admissions process in the country. The application deadlines to the 8 public universities in New Zealand are tabulated below.

    Apply to University of Auckland

    Ranking #1 in New Zealand, the University of Auckland has different application deadlines for undergraduate and postgraduate courses.

    Study Level Intake Program(s) Application Deadline Application Fee
    UG Semester 2 All 4 July 2021 NZD 85
    Semester 1 Arts, Business, Industries, Science, Engineering, Law, Health Science, Nursing 8 December 2020
    Education, Social Work, Law, Medicine 1 December 2020
    Medical Imaging, Optometry, Pharmacy 1 October 2020
    PG Semester 2 Creative Writing, Energy 1 April 2021 NZD 100
    Education 31 May 2021
    All others 4 July 2021
    Semester 1 Arts, Health Psychology, Nursing Science, Psychology 1 December 2020
    Education & Social Work, Clinical Psychology, Forensic Science 1 November 2020
    All others 8 December 2020

    Apply to Auckland University of Technology (AUT)

    The Auckland University of Technology accepts applications up until the semester begins, so the application deadlines for international students are as follows:

    Study Level Program(s) Intake Application Deadline
    General Semester 1 Before 1 March 2021
    Semester 2 Before 12 July 2021
    Trimester 1 Before 1 March 2021
    Trimester 3 Before 26 October 2021
    Research-only programmes Master of Philosophy, Master of Engineering, Doctor of Philosophy Apply any time

    Apply to University of Waikato

    University of Waikato is located in Hamilton, and has a trimester system instead of the semester one.

    Study Level Intake Program(s) Application Deadline
    UG, PG Trimester A N/A 17 January
    Trimester B N/A 29 May
    Trimester C N/A 2 October
    MA, MSc, MSocSc April Psychology 2 March
    August 1 July
    December 1 November
    PG N/A Research / Thesis 31 January
    31 May
    30 September

    Apply to Massey University

    The general deadlines as well as some of the program-specific deadlines of Massey University is given in this table. There is no application fee required.

    Study Level Program(s) Intake Application Deadline
    General Semester 1 8 February 2021
    Semester 2 28 June 2021
    Summer School 3 November 2021
    UG Aviation Semester 1 1 October 2020
    Semester 2 1 April 2021
    Design Semester 1 15 February 2021
    Semester 2 30 June 2021
    Fine Arts Semester 1 1 October 2020
    Semester 2 30 June 2021
    Music Semester 1 31 January 2021
    Nursing N/A 6 February 2021
    PG Design 1 30 November 2020
    2 15 June 2021
    Fine Arts 1 30 November 2020
    Journalism N/A 5 February 2021
    Learning Support N/A 22 January 2021
    Nursing 2 11 June 2021

    Apply to Victoria University of Wellington

    Yet another university that follows the trimester system, Victoria University of Wellington also does not ask for any application fee.

    Study Level Program(s) Intake Application Deadline
    General Trimester 1 15 January
    Trimester 2 1 May
    Trimester 3 1 September
    PG Clinical Psychology N/A 5 October
    Conservation Biology, Marine Conservation N/A 15 October
    Creative Writing N/A 1 November
    Cognitive and Behavioural Neuroscience / Forensic Psychology / Cross-cultural Psychology N/A 1 November
    Teaching N/A 15 November
    UG Psychology N/A 1 November

    Apply to University of Canterbury

    The general application deadlines at the University of Canterbury is provided below.

    Study Level Intake Application Deadline Application Fee
    General Summer 2 2 November 2020 NZD 330
    Summer 1 4 January 2021
    Semester 1 22 February 2021
    Semester 2 19 July 2021
    Whole Year 17 February 2021

    Apply to Lincoln University

    You can apply to study at Lincoln University at any time, but there are certain key dates to keep in mind.

    Study Level Intake Application Deadline Application Fee
    General Summer School 2 11 January N/A
    Semester 1 28 February
    Semester 2 25 July
    Summer School 1 18 November

    Apply to University of Otago

    Otago University offers a number of programs which mostly follow the same deadlines, but there are a few exceptions.There is no due date for PhD program applications.

    Study Level Program(s) Intake Application Deadline
    UG, PG Most programs Semester 2 30 April
    Semester 1 31 October
    UG Teacher Education N/A 31 August
    Music Performance N/A 1 September
    Medicine and Health Sciences N/A 15 September
    Law N/A 1 October
    Social Work N/A 1 November
    Surveying N/A 15 November
    PG Dentistry N/A 31 May
    Wildlife Management N/A 1 December
    Honours programs N/A 10 December

    Application Deadlines for MBA in New Zealand

    MBA in New Zealand is a very popular option for international students, and the deadlines to the top business schools in New Zealand are given in the table.

    University / Business School Intake Application Deadline
    Otago Business School Semester 1 31 October
    Semester 2 30 April
    Auckland University of Technology Start 1 22 Feb 2021
    Start 2 3 May 2021
    Start 3 12 Jul 2021
    Start 4 20 Sep 2021
    University of Auckland Business School Quarter Four 2021 1 February 2021
    University of Canterbury N/A 10 January
    University of Waikato N/A February
    Massey University First Intake 25 January 2021
    Second Intake 31 May 2021
    Third Intake 27 September 2021

    Application Deadlines for Medicine in New Zealand

    Another program that has attracted a lot of international students is MBBS in New Zealand, although it may not have the same popularity as in Australia. Deadlines for studying medicine at top universities in New Zealand are given below.

    University Intake Application Deadline
    University of Auckland Semester 1 1 December
    University of Otago N/A 15 September
    University of Canterbury N/A 31 October

    Application Deadlines for ITPs in New Zealand

    As of 1 April 2020, the 16 Institutes of Technology and Polytechnics merged to form Te P?kenga – New Zealand Institute of Skills and Technology. This institution provides vocational education to students who are keen on getting practical, profession-specific training. Different programs have different intakes, but many of them start in February.

    Courses like MBA and MBBS may require that you qualify certain exams to study in New Zealand, whose scores you will have to present at the time of admission. Getting into renowned universities like the University of Auckland is easier than you expect, if you follow the process correctly and have the required qualifications. Universities also generally advise international students to apply early in order to be eligible for accommodation and scholarships in New Zealand.