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Scholarships in New Zealand for UG, Masters and PhD Programs

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International students contribute a lot in the New Zealand’s economy by providing social, cultural and economic benefits to the country. Scholarships play a very important role for funding New Zealand.

By scholarships, students may not need to worry about part-time jobs. They can dedicate much more time on studies. The scholarships in New Zealand are generally sponsored by local government, other governments and philanthropists.

Gaining a scholarship is advantageous for the students to prepare their CV in future. Scholarships are offered according to the level of education, few of which are listed below.

Undergraduate Level

ScholarshipDeadlineValid forValue / Number of Scholarships released
UC International First Year Undergraduate ScholarshipsAugust 15, 2018Any country except New Zealand and Australia

11,569 USD – 23,139 USD

Number of scholarships - 25

New Zealand Excellence AwardsOctober 28, 2018India

11,569 USD

Number of scholarships - 34

Generation Study Abroad Excellence and Travel AwardsNovember 30, 2018U.S.

2,000 USD travel awards, 500 USD excellence awards

Number of awards - Varies

Colin Aikman AwardOctober 30, 2018Pacific Island member countries

Up to 11,569 USD

Number of scholarships - 1

Graduate Level

ScholarshipDeadlineValid forValue
ADB Scholarships at University of AucklandJuly 20, 2018JapanTuition fee, airfare, cost of living budget, health and medical insurance, grant for thesis preparation
University of Otago International Research Master’s ScholarshipOctober 1Any country

Stipend – 15,040 USD per annum, international tuition fee waiver (no insurance)

Number of scholarships - 4 per each division

ADB-Japan Scholarship in New Zealand for Developing Countries in Asia and PacificVariesJapanTuition fee, monthly allowance, allowance for books and study material, medical insurance and travel expenses Number of scholarships - 4 per each division
New Zealand Excellence AwardsOctober 28, 2018India5,784 USD
New Zealand Commonwealth ScholarshipMarch 30, 2018Africa

Full tuition fee, living allowance (555 USD per week), establishment allowance (3,470 USD), medical and travel insurance, travel to and from home country, research and thesis cost

Number of scholarships - Varies

Postgraduate Level

ScholarshipDeadlineValid ForValue
New Zealand Aid Program Scholarships for International StudentsJuly 15, 2018Africa, Asia, Latin America and Caribbean

University tuition fees, student levies, an annual living stipend of 28,923 USD (tax-free), and medical insurance coverage up to 694 USD annually

Number of scholarships - 8

New Zealand Aid Program Scholarships for International StudentsMarch 28, 2018Africa, Asia, Latin America and CaribbeanDepending upon the home country, available for Postgraduate Certificate (6 months), Postgraduate Diploma (1 year), Master’s Degree (1 – 2 years) or PhD (up to 3.5 years)
University of Otago Doctoral ScholarshipsJuly 21Any country

28,923 USD stipend annually

Number of scholarships - 181

New Zealand China Doctoral Research Scholarship (NZCDRS)-China

Full tuition fee, visa fee reimbursement, return ticket to home country, cost of living allowance NZ $3,470 USD (1st year) and 1,156 USD subsequently

Number of awards - 10

New Zealand Commonwealth Scholarship (Africa)March 30, 2018Africa

Full tuition fee, living allowance (555 USD per week), establishment allowance (3,470 USD), medical and travel insurance, travel to and from home country, research and thesis cost

Number of scholarships - Varies

Apply for Scholarship Online

  • The preferred institution may require verified copies of some documents.
  • If accepted, Offer of Place is sent to the students.
  • MFAT checks the Offer of Place. Further, a Scholarship Letter of Offer is sent to the students offering them scholarships in New Zealand.
  • Students need to accept the offer within 30 days.
  • If the application is running offline, the students need to scan and send the signed scholarship offer.

Apply on New Zealand Scholarship Program from the official website of the country.

Documents Required

  • Certified birth certificate
  • Certified copy of personal pages in passport
  • Passport size photographs
  • Certified transcripts of the school
  • Certified academic record for tertiary education                           
  • Certified copy of graduation
  • Current job profile’s description
  • A current CV
  • Proof of English proficiency test

Fact: Every year around 11,000 students apply for scholarship in New Zealand against 560 seats.

Selection Process

  • Screening Applicants- Guidelines must be met. This process takes place in March-April.
  • Feedback- The student is told about the application update.
  • Detailed Screening – Shortlist candidate during April – May.
  • Feedback -   Whether the application is selected or rejected.
  • Psychological Tests – Students have to take 2 psychometric tests - abstract reasoning test and personality test. The result of these tests must reach within 2 weeks after sending the e-mail.
  • Feedback – Whether the student is interested for the interview stage or not.
  • Interview – Students are screened through online or offline methods during the month of May – July. During interview Ph.D. students must provide a proof of having a supervisor or close to have one.
  • Feedback – Whether the student wants to continue for next stage or not.
  • English Language Proficiency Test – All students must have their test results during June – August.
  • Feedback – Whether the applicant is selected or not.

Who do they select?

The students must be good in character and abilities. They must have:

  • Strong academic record
  • Commitment towards social and economic development of their country
  • 39 years or younger
  • Choose courses aligning with the recommended subjects
  • Developing positive relations with New Zealand

When do they decline?

  • Demonstration of attributes is not clear
  • Education or job history is not satisfactory
  • Depends upon way the courses are selected
  • Depends upon the way the students select the subjects with high motivation for upliftment of their country

Benefits of Scholarship

Scholars receive: -

  • University Tuition fee
  • Living allowance
  • Medical and Travel insurance
  • Establishment allowance
  • Travel to and from the home country which starts the journey from home country at the start of scholarship and ends it at the time of end of the scholarship
  • Travel home during the scholarship period
  • Through scholarships in New Zealand, students get financial help in completion of their research and thesis for PG

Student Loans 

To get student loan, one must be either a citizen of New Zealand or an ordinarly resident.

The students must make sure that their institutions are listed under eligible institutions. Students’ education loan includes tuition and living expenses.

Schools approved for loans in New Zealand are: -

  • Auckland University of Technology
  • Massey University
  • Victoria University of Wellington
  • University of Otago
  • University of Auckland
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