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Study in New Zealand- Requirements, Cost, Scholarships

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New Zealand is known for its low tuition and high-quality competitive education. It comes under top 20 nations offering quality education to its students.

It has a progressive education system along with state-of-art facilities. Qualification is universally recognized. NZQA (New Zealand Qualification Authority) makes sure to maintain the level of education maintaining international recognition.

New Zealand has 8 state-funded universities, 16 Institutes of Technology and Polytechnics (ITPs) and about 550 Private Training Establishments (PTEs), which include English language schools.

The tuition fee of these universities are far less than other competitive countries. These features make New Zealand a choice of numerous aspirants.

Fast Facts

Acceptance Rate80%
Total number of educational institutions600
Popular University for Medicine and MBAUniversity of Auckland (51 -100)
Popular University for EngineeringUniversity of Otago (51 – 100)
Highest paying job sector in New ZealandInformation Technology
Employment Rate in New Zealand68%
Average salary of an employee in New Zealand56,690 USD

Benefits of Education in New Zealand
Imparts High Quality Education

Depending upon the QS world ranking, all 8 state-funded universities of New Zealand rank within top 500 educational institutions around the world. It is ranked within 3% of all the well-known universities in the world.

Cheap Education

An average tuition fee of New Zealand Universities is around 47,435 USD per year (approx.), which is quite reasonable for international students. Apart from that, scholarships and loans in New Zealand further reduce the overall cost of tuition.

Ease of Migration

If the students benefits the country through some skills, they are preferred more than the remaining. The process of student visa acceptance and becoming a permanent citizen is easier for them in comparison to others.

Post Study Work Visa (open)

After graduating, students are allowed to work in New Zealand for next 12 months starting from the date of completion of their program. They can apply for post study work visa (open) for the same.

Safety In NZ

It is 2nd most peaceful and considerably low corruption country in the world.

List of Universities in New Zealand

All the 8 universities of New Zealand are ranked below 500 universities in QS world ranking.

UniversitiesQS World Ranking
University of Auckland82
University of Otago169
University of Canterbury214
Victoria University of Wellington228
The University of Waikato292
Massey University340
Lincoln University343
Auckland University of Technology441 - 450

Cost to Study in New Zealand

Based on Program

ProgramAverage Tuition
Undergraduate25,453 USD to 37,022 USD
Postgraduate11,569 USD to 34,708 USD
Ph.D.7,520 USD to 10,412 USD
Certificate and DiplomasDepends upon course
English Language CoursesDepends upon course

For international students, expenditures might be above the affordability but an exception to this are the Ph.D. programs, if students are enrolled for this program from a recognized institution, they will have to pay the domestic tuition fees.

Based on Fields

FieldsAverage Tuition Fee
Arts/Humanities/Social Sciences11,569 USD to 12,883 USD per year
Commerce/Management/Administration11,569 USD to 14,461 USD per year
Computing and Mathematics Sciences15,040 USD to 17,354 USD per year
Engineering18,511 USD to 20,246 USD per year
Science/Technology16,197 USD to 18,511 USD per year

Note: The values shown are just an estimate, they can vary.

Living Expenses

Apart from tuition expenses, one must consider the cost of living in the nation to get the correct estimate of expenditures. Factors affecting cost of living: -

The most important factors behind cost of living in New Zealand are accommodation and meals. Auckland ranks 89 in the world in terms of living cost while Wellington ranks 123 which is affordable.

Depending upon the apartment prices in Auckland, Wellington and Otago, one can estimate the cost of living in New Zealand for these regions.

FieldsAverage Tuition Fee
Arts/Humanities/Social Sciences11,569 USD to 13,883 USD per year
Commerce/Management/Administration11,569 USD to 14,461 USD per year
Computing and Mathematics Sciences15,040 USD to 17,354 USD per year
Engineering18,511 USD to 20,246 USD per year
Science/Technology16,197 USD to 18,5111 USD per year

The rent of 1-bedroom apartment costs around 1,966 USD in New Zealand.

For meals, cheap food items such as fish and noodles may cost around 18.50 USD while a meal in a mid-range restaurant may go up to 104 USD.

Other Expenses

Other areas of expenditure such as cost of transportation, phone and internet must not be overlooked. A one way ticket costs around 4 USD or a monthly pass costs 144 USD. Average monthly phone bill in New Zealand may come up to 23 USD and internet 104 USD.

Work while you Study

This plan provides an opportunity to the student to earn and learn while during their education. This is one way to reduce the cost of living pressure on the student. Interaction with different people develop skills such as communication, teamwork, inter-personal skills and English language skills.

A minimum wage of 17.30 USD per hour is paid to every student, further increase in the wages depends upon the employer.

Students are also offered part-time work in the fields such as teaching or administrative duties.

Part-time work schedule

Student Visa

  • Students can work for maximum 20 hours weekly during the term.
  • They are allowed to work full-time during holidays.

Masters and Ph.D.

  • Students can work full-time during the term.
  • They are allowed to work full-time during holidays.

All in all, New Zealand universities are considered to be amongst the most wanted institutions around the world for education. The excellent climatic conditions and clean, green and safe country along with limited population makes the New Zealand not only fit for students but for tourists too.

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