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Study in New Zealand- Travel and Stay Guide for International Students

Mansi Topa Mansi Topa
Content Curator

New Zealand is one of the famous education hub of the students. Apart from quality of education, the accommodation and travel plan is excellent in New Zealand which holds the prime importance after education in the country.

Here, one may find huge number of accommodation options, all in budget of every traveler coming to this land. New Zealand offers decent standard of accommodation at competitive price.

Right from 5 star hotels to backpacker accommodation, students can decide upon an option suitable for their pocket.

New Zealand offers students several travel facilities - private and public modes. Generally, public mode is quite cheap in comparison of private vehicles. If the students are enrolled on temporary basis, they prefer public transport only.

Accommodation in New Zealand

After landing to New Zealand, students can simply pick up a space according to their budget. There are numerous options for temporary or permanent stay. Mentioned are few: -


Type of Rooms – Private

Average Price – 131 USD to 788 USD (average rooms with average prices) per night

Just after landing, one may need a temporary accommodation in New Zealand before moving out for another arrangement. The prices of hotels depend upon the level of luxury a client demands.


Type of Rooms – Private, Shared or Dormitory

Average Price – 13 USD to 26 USD per night

Also known as halls of residence, hostels are located nearby universities with a 10 minutes bus ride. Students can stay for a short or medium period.


Type of Rooms – Private or Shared

Average Price – 65 USD to 225 USD per week

Homestay is one of the best options to get mixed with the foreign culture. Students get an opportunity to stay with New Zealand citizens and exchange culture and thoughts. Best part, students get quite fluent with English language. Natives provide meals and help settling in day to day life in foreign country.

Independent Accommodation / Rental Apartments

Types of Rooms – Private or Shared

Average Rent (1-bedroom flat) – 131 USD to 328 USD per week

Students have the choice of either staying in either private or shared accommodation. They can stay in 1-bedroom, 2-bedroom or even 5- bedrooms apartments depending upon their comfort. Also, one can choose to stay near the city/university or the suburbs.

Note: The prices mentioned are just an estimate which may vary depending upon the area chosen.

How to choose an Accommodation?

Before deciding upon the type of student stay one desires, here are few suggestions which must be answered to select a correct choice of accommodation: -

  • The period of stay (long-term or short-term)
  • The accessibility of public transport and market
  • If one is comfortable to stay with someone else or not
  • Decide the budget and select accordingly

Cheap Accommodation in New Zealand

Generally, hostels are supposed to offer budget accommodation in New Zealand. Students are provided with basic facilities. One who desires cheapest stay, opt for dormitories with 4 to 12 people sharing the space.  Hostels offer budget friendly stay and sometimes students make good friends here.

Travelling in New Zealand

Pre-Departure Checklist

  • Visa
  • Passport
  • Recent passport size photographs
  • Travel and medical insurance
  • Documents – Receipt of Payment Letter, Offer a Place Letter, Arival form, Accommodation details and more.

Rejection from travelling to New Zealand

  • Unable to confirm the identity
  • Passport or travel documents have expired
  • Fail to provide an evidence of enough funds
  • Unable to provide evidence for onward travel
  • Unable to meet Visa requirements

About Student Card

International students carrying student card often get heavy discounts on travelling such as discounts on: -

  • Accommodation
  • Activities
  • Education
  • Lifestyle
  • Tours and Travels
  • Entertainment and more

For students, who have landed in New Zealand and have got admitted in some university may find public transportation to be the best way to commute. Students will prefer buying themselves a private medium such as car or two-wheeler only when they plan for a long-term stay in the country.

Modes of Public Transport


Prices start from – 6.5 USD

Buses are the best medium of commuting and cheap too. Buses can travel intra-city and inter-city. Naked buses are the providers of bus service.

Hop-on hop-off buses are also one medium transport which can get the students around New Zealand. But, this is not a public transport. Students can get a pass and go along. Select the bus which touches maximum points mentioned in the track chart of the bus.


Prices start from – 32 USD

Though trains are not a common form of public transport but are definitely useful. There are 3 lines which are operated by: -

  1. Kiwi Rail – Auckland to Wellington (Northern Explorer)
  2. Picton to Christchurch (Coastal Pacific)
  3. Christchurch to West Coast (Tranzalpine)


Prices start from – 36 USD (foot passengers)

Ferries travel in New Zealand between North islands and South islands. The two major providers of the ferry are – Interisland and Bluebridge. Apart from the path given, students can also travel mainland and Off-shore islands which includes Rangitoto, Great Barrier and Waiheke near Auckland and Stewart Island just below South island.

Water taxis are also available for the areas where ferries can’t reach such as Queen Charlotte Sound and Abel Tasman National Park.

Cyclists, Walkers and Joggers

Prices start from – 0 USD

Students who want to stay fit and love sports, these are the best transport medium for them. Generally, students prefer cycling for long distances. Therefore, they mostly prefer riding bicycles or jog to the university.

One of the main issues which hold utmost importance is the accommodation and travel in any country. New Zealand has numerous options for travel and stay at affordable cost which becomes a major factor behind choosing education in this country.

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