new zealand

    Life in Wellington, New Zealand

    7.8 /10

    Primarily because I got rejected from the IVY colleges in USA and secondly because the offer was really nice. A three year PhD in New Zealand vs a Five Year one in USA? Plus a fantastic work environment? Plus the caring and loving people of New Zealand? It was a no brainer. (Oh and also the Hobbit town, Southern Lights, Sky Diving, Bungy, and numerous other adventures) And with the University in NZ, It is really near to the lab I'm working at so its easier administratively.

    Course Curriculum :

    Freedom! We are free to do research however we want, ethically. Collaboration with numerous labs all over the country and even outside. Its a very enhancing environment all together. We do not need to take any courses unless the supervisor feels it would benefit you, or if you think it would. It is just research work and fun.

    Exams :

    The university does not require GRE but I still had the results so submitted it. IELTS is necessary, I had 7.5 overall and 6.5 was the minimum in writing section. A masters degree is not required, one can start a PhD right after a bachelors with honours or equivalent.

    Internship :

    PhD is in general a full time job. You shouldn't work when studying a PhD and enjoy the time off after the lab and weekend

    Placement :

    It is really nice here, jobs for skilled people is a lot. If you have a skill nobody else has, you're in. So try getting as much expertise in different fields and instruments as possible because the more you are good at, more the reasons to hire you. I am not sure about the salary but its enough from what I've heard. The government is really caring and makes all effort to make living there as easy and pleasant as possible.

    Events :

    Amazing! There's always something going on at campus. Food-trucks, DJ nights, informational evenings, Costume Party, etc. It is all very modern. Our email IDs give us access to one drive which is like the best cloud platform I'd say. It syncs extremely well with all the devices and makes sharing files the easiest thing you do.

    Fees :

    around 30,000 NZD for three years

    Scholarship :

    Yeah, MBIE fund. There was no separate application, it was included with the normal application for the degree

    Examination Structure :


    Faculty :

    Amazing faculty, they help you out with everything, if you ask the right person of course. There's someone in the university who can always help you out. Everyone is really friendly and knowledgeable. Well, in PhD we all know that nobody knows anything and we just get to see that a lot. It is you, the person doing this degree, who is gonna be the expert in the domain, so we need to find ways to get answers ourselves in most cases. The professors would help you with it, but it is you who needs to find it.

    Hostel :

    There are several rental houses around the university and even the university housing is great. Living in NZ is expensive, really expensive. The scholarship helps but if you wanna live alone, be ready to spend a little extra. Plus, I'd say car is a necessity. The public transport is nice and all but having a car makes life so much easier. A second hand car would be around 3-4k NZD

    7.8 out of 10