10th and 12th Students can take up Optional Exam: CISCE informs SC

Samrat Roy Samrat Roy
Exam Prep Master

On Friday, CISCE submitted to the Supreme Court that it would give the option to write the remaining exam for both classes 10 and 12.

The Council accepted the CBSE Board 's suggestions for the conduct of optional exams for those wishing to take the examination.

The Council submitted to the Supreme Court on Friday that it would be able to write the remaining exam for both classes 10 and 12.

However, CBSE gave this option only to students in the 12th Class.

ICSE will release an assessment scheme for students who choose an internal assessment promotion.

Notification of the same will be issued within a week. Meanwhile, the CBSE Exam Controller stated that the internal Class 10 and 12 assessment results will be announced by 15 July 2020.

Sanyam Bhardwaj, CBSE Exam Controller, said that if class 12 students appear for optional exams, the marks obtained will be treated as a final score. "Class 12 students will have the chance to sit for optional exams to improve the score," he added.

11:10 am- CBSE and ICSE board tell the Supreme Court that board results can be declared by mid-July.

11:00 am- SC also permits CBSE to go ahead with its assessment scheme to award marks to students for cancelled exams.

10:57 am- The top court asked CBSE to publish the notification regarding the same with details of the scheme. CBSE undertakes to publish it on the public domain within one hour.

10:50 am - The ICSE assessment scheme for those students who opt for promotion on the basis of internal assessment, will also be slightly different. Notification with details will be issued by ICSE within one week.

10:40 am- Supreme Court accepts suggestions made by CBSE in its affidavit. Exams from July 1 – 15, 2020 stands cancelled.

10:30 am- Hearing has commenced. CBSE files fresh affidavit. Petitioners express satisfaction about the affidavit stating it is “pro-student”.

Earlier on Thursday, CBSE had informed the Supreme Court that class 10th and 12th exams will be scrapped while the class 12th students will get options either to appear for the exam after the condition is conducive or opt for internal assessment based on the last three exams

CBSE had also presented an official notification to the court regarding the scheme of assessment for the students. According to the CBSE notification, results will be announced by July 15, 2020 with scores based on the new assessment formula.

The automatic assessments will work in the following way:

If a student appeared for more than three subjects before the examinations were postponed, an average score will be calculated taking into account the three subjects in which student scored the highest. This will be allotted to the remaining subject.

For those who appeared in fewer papers, the average will be on the basis of two highest scoring subjects and allotted to the remaining papers.

At least 23 subjects were pending for Class 12 students and six papers were pending for Class 10 students in north-east Delhi schools, where communal riots earlier in the year forced the process to be pushed back.