A Goldmine of Idioms and phrases for CAT 2020 Check the most expected Questions

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CAT’s Verbal Ability Section is up to the brim with idioms and phrases. It may not be your cup of tea, but idioms and phrases are not rocket science. With enough hard work and dedication, you can crack CAT with flying colors. As they say - no pain no gain. When it comes to CAT preparation, Time is money, so let us not beat around the bush and get straight to some of the most commonly asked Idioms and Phrases in CAT VARC - 

  • Piece of Cake

Meaning - Very Easy

Example - These assignments are a piece of cake. 

  • Face the Music

Meaning - Facing Consequences

Example - Rahul will face the music during the mid terms for wasting all his time. 

  • A Damp Squib

Meaning - Something much less impressive than imagined.

Example - The cake was a damp squib. 

  • Backseat Driver

Meaning - Someone who gives unsolicited advice for something they are not responsible for.

Example - My mother was acting like a backseat driver when I took over the kitchen for one day. 

  • An arm and a leg

Meaning - Very Expensive

Example - The new iPhones cost an arm and a leg.

  • Throw in the towel

Meaning - to give up

Example - After his 25th attempt, he threw in the towel. 

  • To smell a rat

Meaning - To be suspicious

Example - Raj’s behaviour made Ganesh smell a rat

  • In Hot Water

Meaning - To be in trouble

Example - After breaking all his promises, Pintu is in Hot Water with Mother.

  • Put your foot down

Meaning - to draw boundaries

Example - It is time to put your foot down, now that our puppy has become too aggressive. 

  • All Greek to me

Meaning - Not Understanding anything. 

Example - All this legal speak is Greek to me. 

  • To get bent out of shape

Meaning - To get angry or agitated

Example - Prince got all bent out of shape because his car seats got dirty. 

  • Spill the beans

Meaning - To reveal something

Example - Joseph finally spilled the beans about his new job. 

  • A Perfect Storm

Meaning - Worst Case Scenario

Example - The new Exam Pattern was a Perfect Storm for all the aspirants. 

  • Bite off more than you can chew

Meaning - Taking more than one can handle

Example - Looks like Farhad bit off more than he can chew with three jobs. 

  • Go on a wild goose chase

Meaning - Start something futile, pointless

Example - He set out on a wild goose chase by trying to look for the limited edition shoes. 

  • The best thing since sliced bread

Meaning - A very good invention

Example - The Back Scratcher is the best thing since sliced bread. 

  • The whole nine yards

Meaning - Going all the way

Example - He went the whole nine yards when it comes to CAT Preparation. 

  • Throw caution to the wind

Meaning - To be reckless

Example - He threw caution into the wind when he quit his job for his startup. 

  • Against the Clock

Meaning - in Hurry

Example - With the deadlines so close, we are working against the clock. 

  • Adding fuel to the fire

Meaning - Making something worse than it already is

Example - He added fuel to the fire by accusing his competitor of fraud. 

CAT Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension is a very scoring section if you can go all out on your vocabulary and reading skills. Wishing you luck for CAT!