Amity University Mumbai Launches Centre of Excellence in Astrobiology, Aims at Boosting Opportunities: Read Full Report

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In response to the growing interest in Astrobiology, Amity University, Mumbai has established India's first-ever Centre of Excellence in Astrobiology.

Amity researchers have been testing Mars prototype instruments and studying samples in collaboration with international partners to help characterise the region for assessing the Martian surface environment. 

Amity University, Mumbai has announced an exciting first-of-its-kind Earth and Space Exploration Program (ESEP) in Ladakh this year, allowing science and engineering students (class 11 and above) to work in teams on exciting education projects under the mentorship of Space scientists and research analysts.

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As part of the Mars Amity Research Station, there are plans to establish a semi-permanent outpost in Ladakh that will allow these Mars scientists to live, work, and simulate Mars exploration operations (MARS).

In accordance with this programme, Amity University, Mumbai hosted India's first 'Introduction to Astrobiology' Online Course from September to November 2020 in collaboration with Mars Society Australia, Blue Marble Space Institute of Science, and Open University UK.

Over 790 students from 53 countries took part in the 8-week course. Nearly 300 students graduated from the course as India's first Astrobiology students. Students from all disciplines, both undergraduate and postgraduate, are welcome to enrol in the course. The course's next edition's details will be announced later this year.

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Amity University Mumbai Astrobiology Course: Eligibility

A science background with minimum eligible grades is required for applicants to the Bachelors in Astrobiology programme. A B.Sc. or B. Tech degree in geology/chemistry/biology/physics is required to pursue a Master's degree in the stream.

Astrobiology has a wide range of career applications, including Astronomy, Environment research, Geology, Post-secondary teaching, University-based research, Space sciences research, and Biomedical research.

About Astrobiology

Astrobiology is a fascinating and rapidly developing interdisciplinary scientific field that seeks to study and comprehend life in the universe. This is the science that will help answer those nagging questions about the origins of life as we know it, the existence of humans, and the possibility of other living beings throughout the multiverse. This is the next big scientific discipline to keep an eye on, and the career opportunities are both exciting and diverse. A netizen who has a degree in Astrobiology can truly contribute to a larger life stage and pursue a higher calling.

Astrobiology is a broad field that necessitates a thorough understanding of an alien environment, requiring contributions from geology, chemistry, physics, engineering, and biology. This emerging field necessitates the formation of cross-disciplinary alliances of scientists. The Amity Centre is also assisting the Space Science Program Office at ISRO in the preparation of an astrobiology roadmap to aid in the conceptualization and design of future missions.