APJ Abdul Kalam Technical University: Online Placements to Commence Soon!

Aarushi Kalra Aarushi Kalra
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APJ Abdul Kalam Technical University (AKTU) Vice-Chancellor Vinay Kumar Pathak announced that the University is all set to start online placement for this year.

APJ AKTU Placement

A van had been denoted to Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam University by BJP Rajya Sabha Member Sudhanshu Trivedi, via which all the lectures can be recorded.

Looking at the unprecedented time like COVID-19, where the companies are avoiding any physical interaction, the University has opted to move ahead with an online placement platform, said VC Pathak.

The AKTU has also come up with innovations to do away with the COVID-19 situation and has launched a sanitization tunnel named 'Shuddhi Surang'along with robotic sanitizers, multipurpose robots, currency sanitization machine, 3D Ventilator Splitter adapter, and other devices.

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The university also developed an artificial intelligence-based on the COVID-19 diagnostic tool and became the first-ever university to do so

Expressing the immense gratification, VC Pathak said, "Along with research and innovation, efforts are made for social uplift and rehabilitation of the needy. In the last few years, AKTU has worked for quality technical education in the field of positive progress. Regulating service of 72 employees and the Career Advancement Scheme offered to teachers was a historic decision."

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The University also arranged the accessibility of the e-consortium facility at just INR 1/ day, through which students could access 5,000 international research papers and books at one click. Besides this e-resources like IEEE, Elsevier Science and Springer Nature were also in circulation.