Bilaspur University Students Perform better in Internal Exam, Second Round

Meghdeepa Mondal Meghdeepa Mondal
Content Curator

Atal Bihari Vajpayee University, Bilaspur has over 2 lakh students enrolled in its 184 affiliated colleges. Among which, above 50,000 students in the first and second year were to take the internal exams or assessments for clearing year-end examinations.

Also known as Bilaspur University, the varsity stated, marks for the prevailing years will be granted based on internal exams, assignments and previous years’ scores. 

In the wake of COVID-19 pandemic, as the colleges remain closed due to lockdown, physical examinations would induce large gatherings, hence such a decision. 

However, many students could not attend the first round of internal examinations from their homes amid the pandemic. Owing to this, the university instructed colleges to conduct a second round of internal exams on July 5. 

The second round of examinations is likely to be an open book exam. As a fact, students who appeared for the first round of exams have raised their voice against this. 

It is said, students who appeared earlier have secured fewer marks whereas open book exams will let other students score better. Also, first-round of internal examinations were declared on short notice and several students could not prepare well which may lead to failure or scoring fewer marks.

As per the Vice-Chancellor of Bilaspur University, actions against it will be taken sooner. For now, the university has opened a window for filling internal exam marks. 

There are chances, colleges will fill previous marks of students even though their marks may be increased at a later date. To this, GD Sharma, VC, Bilaspur University will process information for colleges that follow such steps.