Interview by Yash Panchal


Dr. C.T Jayadeva is currently working as Principal, Adichunchanagiri Institute of Technology, Chikkamagaluru, Karnataka, India. He graduated from the University of Mysore in 1986 and obtained his postgraduate degree in Industrial Engineering from University of Calicut, Kerala in the year 1993. He obtained his Ph.D. in Quality Management from Visvesvaraya Technological University, Belgavi, India in the year 2008.

Dr. Jayadeva joined AIT in the year 1986 as Lecturer and served in various capacities as a senior lecturer, Assistant professor and professor in the department of Mechanical Engineering. He has 32 years of teaching experience and 15 years of research experience. He has published more than 48 papers in the national and international Journals and has presented many research papers in the international conferences and presented papers in London and Dubai in 2014. He is a Life Member of Indian Society for Technical Education and Indian Red Cross Society. He got VGST award from Government of Karnataka for the best international publication in 2015.

Experience in the education sector

I have been teaching to the students of UG, PG from three decades and also guiding Ph.D. students. A good teacher not only teaches but also inspires others through his behavior, attitude, knowledge and wisdom. Selecting a career path in the education sector is challenging and exciting because there are so many things to consider as you prepare to work in the education system. In my experience, I tell you, if you prepare and teach well, it keeps you happy the whole day. It causes some behavioral change when students learn new things. I believe a teacher is always a student and learns new concepts.

A democratic leadership philosophy

My philosophy of leadership is to set directions and create a clear vision, quality and human values among people who must be committed to the development of the entire workforce and inculcate a culture of working in teams. My style of leadership is usually democratic.

Curriculum matching the industry requirements

Our college is affiliated to Visvesvaraya Technological University. Subjects, courses and electives are decided by the board of studies and hence we have no flexibility to change the syllabus but VTU has taken care to design the curriculum to suit to the needs of the industry.

Being available for the students

I am always closely associated with the students and every day I have been interacting with the students. I am available to the students from 8 AM to 8 PM.

Placement opportunities provided the institute

We have a very good placement department which looks after the placement and training activities. The growth of students is visible if you look at the number of placements in our institute. To increase the number of placements, the department invites experts from various companies to train the students apart from our regular training activities.

Courses offered by Adichunchungiri Institute of Technology apart from B.Tech

Adichunchungiri Institute of Technology not only offers BE but also offers M.Tech and M.Phil and Ph.D. courses in all the departments. In addition to these, departments conduct courses on high-level programming, embedded systems, artificial intelligence, machine learning, IOT, etc for the benefits of the students.

Top qualities that an aspiring Engineer must possess

The students should understand the fundamentals of Science and Mathematics. The technology is changing every day and due to the changing scenario of information technology and advances in engineering, the students need to acquire multiple skills and basic knowledge in programming and mathematical sciences.

Goals in mind for the institute’s future

My goal is to develop AIT as a centre of excellence and to strive for continuous improvement in technology and research by producing graduates with high ethical standards. 

Dr. Jayadeva on how centers like IBM Center of Excellence increase the value of AIT

We have trained many faculties and staff in our IBM centre of excellence and in turn they are training various faculty members who are working in our institution. A trained person tends to be better in doing any task compared to an untrained person. The training acquired in the centre will definitely add value to our institution.

Suggestions for the current youth

Focus on learning and concentrate on your studies because your studies are critical than any other activities. Acquire as many skills as possible, be humble and sincere in your efforts. Parents should understand the mindset of students and accordingly motivate and help them to realize their dreams.