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CIT to orgnaize Dreamathon 2020

Chennai Institute of Technology

Date: April 09, 2020

Great dreamers are those who can dream beyond the limits. They are not just dreamers but are the doers. As Dr. APJ Kalam said in his book INDIA 2020, A Vision for the New Millennium,  “Are you dreaming India to be a strong nation? Are you dreaming to emerge India to be among the world's top four economic powers? Are you dreaming to establish India as a developed country through science and technology?”

To brace the dreamers we, Chennai institute of technology, have built an opportunity to manifest your talents.We provide the platform to paint your own dream exclusively for the 12th aspirants who wish to seek their significance in engineering. DREAMATHON 2020 - for the ignited minds of students..and for the agile leaners who are desired to progress with their dream.we admire your ideas.. buckle up yourself for this tremendous contest and uprise with your dreams for the betterment of our nation.

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       CIT Celebrates the techno-festive cultural event Takshashila

Chennai Institute Of Technology | Chennai CIT

Date: Mar 11, 2020

Takshashila, a massive techno-festive cultural event, flourishes every year at the Chennai Institute of Technology. As people celebrate traditions. make rituals and harvest goodness, we endure student’s finesse and sculpt them in which they expertise. We knit together students of various communities and verticals under one niche. We serve to fulfill specific communal purposes, especially in providing tremendous opportunities for the budding aspirants to build on their talents. The epithet takshashila has an ancient history. Takshashila is the most famous and world’s first university, established 2700 years ago, which consisted of 68 elective courses and 18 arts. It is prodigious that Acharya Chanakya is one of the notable Alumni of Takshashila.

Homogeneously we provide cultural extravaganzas to technical wizardry throughout the occasion. We have managed to etch a significant place for the tutee’s arduous efforts and stern dedication. This cultural event elevates confidence and also teaches students to work efficiently in various challenging situations. Since our prior maneuver is to unleash tremble and manifesting students’ abilities, it also helps them to forge ahead in their careers. Takshashila helps the students to think innovatively, develop, and come out as a pioneer in implementing complete range from despair to euphoric heights. It instills the importance of originality and individuality.

As we stunned the past three years, we also plunged into Takshashila 2020 with the theme Vibe with the Past. Nevertheless, the occasion brings joy and prosperity in every glazing eye. Our Technical events include coding, RC racing, drone racing, line follower, hackathon, circuit jumble, pandora box along with 10+ Technical workshops. Non-technical events include:

  • Multi Cultural Dance – judged by well known celebrities Mr. Ravi Varma, Ms.Divya Jenifer, Mr.Navalarasan & Mr.Elevarasan.

  • Musical Night – Concert by Sai Kishore Band with performances of pioneer playback singers - Srinivas, Velmurugan, Gowtham, Sri Nisha , Sireesha 

  • Photography, Fine Arts ,Quiz, Gaming and many more.