Interview by Yash Panchal



Dr. Javed Ahmed is Director of CEST Lucknow. His professional qualifications include Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering from Monad University, Hapur (UP), 2013, M.Tech. in Electrical Engineering (Instrumentation & Control) from Zakir Hussain College of Engg. & Technology, A.M.U. Aligarh, Bachelor of Engineering (Electrical Engineering) from Zakir Hussain College of Engg. & Technology, A.M.U. Aligarh and Diploma in Electrical Instrumentation Engineering from University Polytechnic, A.M.U. Aligarh. He holds a total experience (teaching and industrial) of 20 ½ years.

Dr. Ahmed has previously held the positions of Professor & Director, Associate Professor, Associate Professor & HoD, Sr. Lecturer & HOD Dept. of Electrical Engg. and Officiating Director at various reputed institutes. His 2 research papers have been published in international journals and 1 paper in a national journal.

Providing expertise to the students

Education is a very wide field and it requires expertise. From every corner, we search for such expertise to train our students for their betterment and their future. We also run such programs in our institutes to make our students expertise not only in academics but in extra-curricular activities as well.

Developing skills for overall personality

Students must upgrade their thinking and their mental status with us. He/she must develop all kinds of skills which are beneficial for overall personality.

Establishing world class education at CEST

We motivate our students for writing a research paper and provide them laboratories to perform activities if they want to. We also provide online lectures from different universities and institutes from our country as well as from other countries like USA and UK. We use NPTEL national portals to upgrade the knowledge of a student. These lectures are of those topics which are not in our syllabus and help students to get wider knowledge. We are also trying for foreign exchange program to provide a good exposure to students

Dr. Javed on why CEST is an apt choice for students

Apart from the syllabus, we have many things which are developing the total personality of a student. We are running aptitude classes, verbal and non-verbal classes. We are also running classes to improve the communication skills of our students. Apart from syllabus, we run two classes of these things as well. We have very modern laboratories to develop the technical skills.

Biggest hurdle faced as the Director of CEST

The major setback is the quality of students. Though, we are providing world class education but we are not able to capture the quality of students. We try to promote our achievements and students’ testimonials to get good students. We emphasize more on placements and we have sufficient advertisements in local areas to attract the students.

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Time management of Dr. Javed

I agree that my work requires intense time management but I am very passionate and dedicated to my job hence doing it on time is a must thing for me. I believe if you like your work then everything could be handled on time.

A non-restrictive relation with the students

My students are free to move into my chamber and talk to me freely and there is no restriction in it. If I am not available in the college, then a student can leave his/her message to my PA. So, I try to have as much as friendly relation with my students. I talk to them whenever I am free. There is no seniority complex in between and it also it helps the students to get involved in the colleges.

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Qualities that have helped in creating a brand name for CEST

Our main focus is to educate the society no matter from where the student belongs to. There are many cases where we have given relaxation in fee as the student’s is financially unstable. We are providing good facilities for sports especially cricket. Our laboratories are according to the syllabus of AKTU and one robotics lab is extra. We try to give the projects to students which are good for environment of the country.

Goals in mind for CEST for the coming years

There must be a growth in the quality of students and we should observe the improvement in it. We try to utilize things at best which is available to us and maintain the status which we have achieved through our placements records. We are trying harder.

Suggestions for the youth

They must work with full dedication and must concentrate on it only. They should not try to get many things done at a time, only one at a time. Otherwise, the quality of work will be decreased if they do not concentrate on the one thing which is their field of interest.