Darshan Institute of Engineering and Technology

Dr. R. G. Dhamsaniya is the Chairman & Principal of Darshan Institute of Engineering and Technology, Rajkot. He commenced his career as a lecturer and worked for 10 years. In one of the prominent colleges he played a pivotal role to develop the infrastructure. In the year 2009, with the intention of giving a platform for committed education, he started Darshan Institute of Engineering & Technology with the team of dedicated faculties. His areas of specialization include Structural Engineering, Environmental Engineering where he holds Ph.D. in the former one.

Nurturing students and teachers to make them technologically advanced motivates me

Throughout my long career span, I have held various key positions in the hierarchy of educational organizations. Till today, even being the chairman of the institute, I organize lectures and maintain an amicable relationship with the young generation. Nurturing the students and teachers with the latest innovations and technology motivates me, and that is the reason to adhere to this sector for a long duration. The development of students for society and the nation is a very pivotal responsibility, and I am privileged to have such an opportunity.

I believe leadership is to empower the knowledgeable youth with cognitive thinking

Carrying the idea of “Dedicated Faculty, Committed Education” forward, our team established this institute. Our team comprises of individuals and the only team in the region where management team consists of only educationalists. As a leader, I am well aware about the detailed aspects of the roles and responsibilities of the staff members. According to me, the leadership is to empower the knowledgeable youth with cognitive thinking, so, they make decisions with the increased responsibility. 

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We focus on delivering quality education to make sure of the better future path for our students

Our institute is extremely focused on the courses we are offering. We offer courses which are technology driven, acceptable globally, and have better future prospects in terms of jobs and placements. This ensures that our students to have a better path ahead of them. Our students are our real USP. 

Since the inception of the institute, we distribute admission information booklets to all the schools of the region every year. For the awareness about courses, we conduct seminars and run counselling center for the parents and students. We also provide admission Apps and our telephone line answers every question 24x7. Students and parents can avail the benefit of all these with no charges and that emphasizes our noble cause to the society.

Our greatest strength lies in the faculty and students who becomes the pillar of success 

The greatest strength of the institute is the faculty members. We are strongly following “Dedicated education and Committed education”. Study materials like lecture notes, video lectures, presentations etc. have high impact in all the colleges of the Gujarat state. Focused implementation methodology for quality education strengthens the institute.


In the era where technology is booming, students are required to be dynamic and fast learner to leverage of the technology

In the era of information technology and internet, there are chunks of fuzzy information available which are making parents and students confuse to make a career decision. Digital presence of the institute, course, placement etc. may differ than the real one. Accurate and conclusive statistics about opting for the course and institute should be available transparently to parents and students.

Rapid changes in the technology are resulting into the transformation of world. Students are required to be adaptive, dynamic and fast learner to cope up with this digital disruption.

The opportunities available to the youth over the last decade has seen an immense rise

There has been a shift in the number of opportunities available as the decade has progressed. Our youth needs to nurture the abilities to identify and grab these opportunities. Education systems are changing the mode of learning due to Covid-19. They require adapting to the modes of acquiring and applying knowledge and skills. In addition to this, the learning - unlearning curve is compacted in comparison to the past. Students will have to create substantial compatibility to learn, unlearn, and relearn to progress in any professional field.

We offer various skill development programs for the personality development of the students

As the college is affiliated to Gujarat Technological University, we adhere to the curriculum designed by the University. Along with that, we offer various skill development activities in every semester from 2nd year onwards. We analyze the latest industry trends and take industry experts’ advice to design the curriculum for skill development activities.

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We make sure to create a positive college climate for the students belonging to diverse backgrounds

It is a great responsibility for us to create positive college climate for the diversity. Though we have students of various casts each individual is treated equally. Faculty members take utmost care to understand various social identities in order to actively develop inclusive learning environments for all the students.

Our topmost priority is to further enhance the placements of the students with emphasis on handsome salary packages

The Topmost priority today and after 10 years is the placement of students with the handsome salary package and renowned companies. Year on year we take a leap in the average package salary offered to students and attracting more companies. In addition to this, we are incorporating the transformed trends of teaching learning and education system into the culture of the institute.