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Dronacharya College of Engineering - [DCE], Gurgaon

Dronacharya College of Engineering - [DCE], Gurgaon

Gurgaon, Haryana AICTE | Estd 1998 MDU, Rohtak Private

"A good teacher is always a good leader" asserts Prof. Vineet Kumar Mishra, HOD of Civil Engineering at DCE Gurgaon. Read the whole interview here..

Ques 1. Kindly tell us about your experience in the education industry and what makes it the best industry to work in?

Ans. Teaching can be a demanding profession. There are plenty of studies and educational strategies for improving student behavior. But personal experience may be the best way to show how to turn a difficult student into a dedicated pupil. I had such an experience - where I was able to help change a student with major behavioral issues into a learning success story. I never made assumptions about students before going to my class. Every student is different; no two students react in the same way. It is our task as teachers to find what motivates and what demotivates student.

According to me, a good teacher is always a good leader. Teaching is a profession where there are plenty of opportunities for conveying information to young people. There’s the chance to inspire students in the way you were inspired. You can share your passion for your subject. And in this way we are able to contribute to nation by developing talented engineers each and every year

Ques 2. Any of the significant challenges you faced as a HOD of Dronacharya College of Engineering?

Ans. The significant challenge towards me was to be sufficient credible person among the faculties as I was the new face for the people of the department. You need to work hard on relationships and communication to get the best from each individual member of the team, respecting their different skills so that the impact of the whole was greater than the sum of its parts.

Maintaining our academic standard by doing research and giving quality education concurrently are also some of the challenges, as doing research is time taking process it needs the deeper engagement of faculties as well as students.

prof. vineet mishra

Ques 3. What goals do you have in your mind for Dronacharya College of Engineering?

Ans. I would like to contribute my best to take Dronacharya College of Engineering to better ranking in the global arena by strengthening research, employing best teaching and pedagogical tool, industry interface and networking.

We are growing with the substantive pace and we would like to be the most preferred and trustable institution among the world.

Ques 4. Any suggestions you would like to give to the current youth and the aspiring students?

Ans. Keep learning and be innovative. Don’t focus on getting marks, go for in-depth knowledge of the subject. Never lose the desire to dream big and put your efforts passionately to fulfill your dream. Don’t chase money but look for areas that give you the greatest happiness and satisfaction. Honesty and commitment are essential values to become a good human being.

Ques 5. Please throw some light on industry relations of Dronacharya College of Engineering?

Ans. Department maintains research linkages with University –faculty members are on Board of Studies. Strong linkages are maintained by the department with Industries like Microsoft, IBM, Intel, Oracle, Cummins, TCS, L&T, BPTP Limited, Tata Motors and much more by co-guiding various industry sponsored projects. Department interacts with Institutes like IIT Bombay, IIT Kharagpur and IIT Delhi for upgrading the quality of education which is on par with the requirements of the Industry. Department has student and faculty exchange program with Kyushu Institute of Technology, Japan.

Our institute is already awarded as Best Industry-Linked Electronics & Allied Engineering Institute in AICTE – CII Survey of Industry-linked Technical Institutes 2016.

Ques 6. Tell us about your path towards attaining the positions of the elite?

Ans. The road to achieving a current position was too long and challenging. Along with this path we faced many hurdles, but we always stuck in an unending dimension of “keep trying”. We work on the things we need to improve and aim at maintaining a good time management, mind set to have our attempts leading to the fruitful result.

Ques 7. How do you build a positive school culture or climate?

Ans. It is clear that a positive school and classroom environment can have a major effect on the achievement and behavior of students. It takes a strenuous effort to create a school or classroom that is conducive to learning. Creating a positive school climate requires the working together of the community, school teachers, parents, and students. It also requires a major shift in thinking.

Ques 8. What is your philosophy of leadership? How would you describe your leadership style?

Ans. I believe that leadership is a privilege. It is a privilege that carries with it the responsibility to inspire others, and to direct them to attain the vision and goals of our organization.

I believe that the single most important asset of any department is the staff. As a leader it is my job to know the staff, support their professional development, take an interest in them as individuals and recognize their achievements. To accomplish this, it is important that I am approachable. Staffs need to feel comfortable delivering news, both good and bad so that as a leader I can always be in information flow.

I will encourage creativity, freedom of action and innovation as long as these efforts are consistent with the mission, vision and values of the department.

Ques 9. What are your takes on Education being digitalized?

Ans. Digital technologies are everywhere and they’re bringing many exciting opportunities for our college, impacting what, where and how education is delivered. Achieving enhanced education outcomes in Indian schools is increasingly linked to the pace of digital education uptake. Investment in digital education is helping to reshape how students learn and even what they learn through powerful 21st Century tools. Schools must be encouraged to see the opportunities that such tools provide to support improving learning and teaching.

Ques 10. What would be your ideal school environment, and how would you encourage that kind of culture?

Ans. For a college to work as a learning space for a student it has to be a good match with the student’s needs, as well as the student’s personality.  We are quick to expect the student to adapt to their schools, but not expect schools to adapt to their students.

An ideal school environment recognizes that student success is a composite goal to achieve. Providing this success to all students and measuring it must be accomplished with many tools.  The same goes for the classroom.  If teachers are going to meet the need of all students, they must build a toolbox of strategies that is geared towards diverse learners and learn how to work effectively with each of their students.

Last Updated - 02 May 2017

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