GIET University

It all started from scratch by Prof. (Dr) Satya Prakash Panda, the venerable founder, chairman of the Gandhi Group of Institutions. He is a visionary and an inveterate academician, dared to establish his flagship institution GIET at Gunupur, the tribal hinterland of Odisha, which has acted as the growth engine for this ever-neglected part of the country, leaving an example for others to follow. Recipient of several awards for his services to the nation, Dr. Panda is a humble Gandhian educationalist, philanthropist, social worker who believes and practices excellence in all facets of life.The founder of the legendary Gandhi Group is a multifaceted personality with exceptional qualities as a person as well as scholars. Over the past 24 years GIET University, Gunupur has achieved many milestones and is moving towards fulfilling its vision of transforming the lives of the people by providing comprehensive and qualitative education globally. 

I take great pride in telling about my students who have made their names in the coveted positions

It's been more than four decades that I have been teaching students. It's a moment to cherish when you see your students groom from bud to a full-grown flower, spreading their fragrance in the society. During my teaching days, I had dreamt to build an institution, which has been fulfilled with the establishment of GIET University, Gunupur. My greatest satisfaction is that we are able to give campus placement to the maximum of our students uninterruptedly for the last two decades in spite of the rise and fall of the employment market.

Live and let live with Dignity, Integrity & Honour

Live and let live with dignity, integrity & honour. I am conscious that university should not run for short term benefits but should be distinguished in the crowd for its quality and philosophy, so that a strong foundation is laid for centuries to come.

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Leadership is about taking responsibility, committing to it and leading from the front

I always lead from the front. I pass all the credits to my team, who work laboriously with great love and deep commitment. I take responsibility for failures as well. Leadership is not about a position or a title, it’s a huge responsibility, which I have accepted humbly from the beginning of my career. I show my commitment towards my work for which I have been loved by all my stakeholders from day one till today.

We worked hard and converted all the adversities into opportunities to be known as the modern Gurukul

Being situated in the tribal hinterland of India, we have been facing multiple challenges since inception. Since we worked very hard and converted all the adversities into opportunities, today GIET University is widely acclaimed as a citadel of education, and we are known as a modern Gurukul. Here, teachers are highly dedicated; students are into serious career-making being away from the hue and cry of the cities. 

We motivate our team by following some golden principles. We have paid a good salary and allowances to our team uninterruptedly on the last day of the month for the past 23 years. We offer free family/bachelor accommodation, free transport, free homeopathic medicines, group insurance, medical, LTC, and one of the best leave plans of the nation. Promotions to all deserving members of staff are given and punishment after an inquiry to the wrongdoers has also acted as a deterrent motivation.

The syllabus is taught by hands-on practice according to the industry standards

Fifty percent of our Board of Studies members are from industry who tell us what the industry is looking for from our students. In order to meet the ever changing demands of the employment market, maximum of our syllabus is taught by hands-on practice, which gives our students a strong edge in the campus selection.

Best infrastructure, cultured campus, best academic practices results in a healthy campus

Best infrastructure, cultured & disciplined campus, tireless efforts for best academic practices, results and placements and of-late ‘Staying connected to the world through various technologies, seminars, symposium etc., is what we think makes an ideal environment. Yes, if it’s in the lap of nature, it’s like cherry on the top.

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We make our level balanced to make students understand and solve their issues

We come down to the level of a student to address his/her issues. We have a very strong proctorial system, where a teacher is attached with 20 students. These proctor's mentor for solving all types of problems of the students and encourage them to compete with the world and come out with glittering colours. 

How do you look at the growth of students through placement opportunities available at your University? How do you wish to push the envelope further?

For the last 20 years our placement record has been always maximum despite the rise and fall of the employment opportunities. We give great emphasis on students attending 90% of the theory, lab, workshop and PPT classes. Their results are closely monitored and all kinds of assistance are given on one to one basis, so that a student's doubts are clarified on the date he develops one. 

See dreams to achieve big in life

See dreams to achieve big in life. Commit to it by hard work and bring pride for yourself, your family, and your nation. Be very careful in choosing your university / institution. The philosophy of the institution becomes philosophy of the student and his / her career is shaped accordingly. In order not to land in a wrong institution consult the seniors who are studying or have passed out from a famed institutions like that of GIET University, Gunupur, which has been able to win confidence of students and parents from across 12 East Indian states and 7 Afro-Asian nations for last 23 years.

GIET has got NAAC A+ grade and accreditation from NBA in seven B.Tech branches by Govt. of India organizations, this itself is testimony to its high voltage performance.