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Mr. Swadesh Kumar Singh is the Head of Admissions and Marketing at GNIOT. He holds a degree in B.Tech and M.Tech in Computer Science. Being passionate about education, he also aims at creating an environment of mutual trust and respect where imparting knowledge in new and adaptive ways is the topmost priority. 

What are the key factors that keep you connected with the education sector?

“The constant hunger for knowledge and being creative”

In the education sector, particularly in Engineering Institutes, we have a scope to do and carry forward the Interdisciplinary research, Industrial Projects, etc. Liaising with Senior HR Officers for the betterment of the student is yet another major aspect that motivates them to stay tuned with the education sector.

What is your philosophy of leadership? How would you describe your leadership style?

“A democratic leadership where the feeling of being heard and included is important”

 As an Education leader, my philosophy of leadership is to implement decentralization of work and power, transparency in efforts, and act in a fair manner with the responsibility of setting high standards for teaching and learning. The ownership culture of learning is being promoted among the students. To impart a sense of belongingness among the faculty, members and students is the key to success. I believe that together we can achieve any milestone.

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How do you strategize about the key programs and plans for the marketing and administration of your school?

“Our word of mouth is the best policy we opt”

Promotion through mouth publicity is through the satisfied students, parents & corporate world in which all the stakeholders tell other persons how much they like/prefer the institute in terms of its studies, facilities, training, transformation, and actual placement. GNIOT Group of Institutions has earned this reputation through its proper planned activities for its students. GNIOT Engineering College at Greater Noida believes in implementing the strategies/things which are really required by the students and vital for the outer world (Industries, corporate world, external agencies, etc.).

Any insights into how your college could be more welcoming to students of different races or economic backgrounds?

“Diversity and inclusion deepens the knowledge within an institution”

Respect for Diversity: I consider it part of my responsibility as the Director of the institute to address the learning needs of all of the students in this college. I will present materials that are respectful of diversity: race, color, ethnicity, gender, age, disability, religious beliefs, political preference, gender identity, citizenship, or national origin among other personal characteristics. 

What was your vision for the college? Has it evolved, and how far along in implementing that vision is you?

“Helping students realise their full potential”

My vision was to develop well rounded, confident, and responsible individuals who aspire to achieve their best and this has certainly evolved over time because we inspire and enthuse students to learn, provide high quality, stimulating learning opportunities so that they grow.

What are some of the biggest challenges you see, both for higher education in general and for the GNIOT Group of Institution specifically?

“Guiding the students to have a clear vision about what they want to achieve”

In the present scenario when the students have a basket of options that too from different streams. It is very important for students to have a focused approach as to which stream he/ she is going to choose. It is a challenge in itself to motivate the students in choosing the right path and make them understand the right steps for achieving their professional goals and most importantly inculcate the values and professional ethics. 

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Any suggestions you would like to give to the current youth and the aspiring students?

“A blend of knowledge and values will go a long way”

Remain focused on your studies and be practical in the approach while learning any engineering concept. Be absolutely clear about your professional goal and keep taking necessary training which would make you industry-ready. Imbibe all relevant skills required performing the jobs but at the same time cultivating values in your being which would make you highly successful in life and you would have immense satisfaction.