The Annual Cultural Festival of HMRITM ‘Emblazon’ will be held on the 15th and 16th of March 2018. Witness of the huge consecutive successes of earlier fests, Emblazon is all set to take things to a next level.

‘Emblazon’ - The Annual Cultural Festival of HMRITM

To attract and reward the young talent from HMRITM and other Institutes from Delhi NCR various competitions in the field of dramatics, dance, music, debating, fine arts and creative writing will be held. To begin with the electrifying event Battle of Bands by passionate performers will be the main attraction to enrapture the music lovers.

‘Emblazon’ - The Annual Cultural Festival of HMRITM

Another center of attraction is Group Dance where performers will display their talent to transform words into musical and rhythmic movements to spell bound the audience.  The Street Play, an energetic and motivational performance with minimal props and a stress on action and sounds will arouse the mind and make you think about the malpractices in present scenario.  Besides these, a number of  other events are there to give an opportunity to the participants to display their skills and works in various fields.

If you’re looking for a great fun or a place to showcase your talent and win, Emblazon 2018 awaits you.

We at HMRITM invite you to come and participate in various events and enjoy the brilliant performances at Emblazon.

List of Events

  1. Battle of Bands
  2. Group Dance
  3. Couple Dance
  4. Fashion Show
  5. Entertainment Quiz
  6. Treasure  Hunt
  7. Rapping
  8. Street Play
  9. Poetry
  10. Debate
  11. Face Painting
  12. Tattoo Making
  13. Ad-mad
  14. Duet Singing
  15. One Act Play
  16. Solo Dance
  17. Solo Singing
  18. Star Performance