Department of Management studies at I.T.S, Mohan Nagar Campus organized the third edition of Business summit with a focal theme “Digital Transformation and Business Evolution” on Saturday, February 16, 2019. This summit was one of the leading platforms where business, policy-makers, civil society and academia came together to discuss the current trends and challenges in the Indian business landscape.

Business Summit witnessed the presence of prominent speakers across the industries on the day.  Major General Dilawar Singh, Director General, Nehru Yuva Kendra Sangathan Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports Government of India addressed the gathering as the Chief Guest and  Shri Raghavender G.R. IAS, Joint Secretary Department of Justice Ministry of Law & Justice Government of India as the Guest of Honor. Other renowned experts for the business summit were, Mr. Prashant Sharma, Senior Vice President ,Kotak Securities, Mr. Vinayak Lal  , Senior GM, DS Group, Mr. Avinash Srivastava , General Manager, DLF, Ms. Latika Wadhwa , CEO (Founder), Mompreneur Circle,  Mr. Jyoti Das Business  , Head Asia Pacific, Calvin Klein,  Mr. Akash Sharma, VP – Finance ,Bajaj Hindustan Ltd., Mr. Narendra Kumbhat, Founder Mentor, Virtual  CFO Partners Pvt Ltd.,Mr. Bharat Bhushan , Head (IT& Social Media), Doordarshan,  Mr. Pramod Joshi , CEO, Winning Mantra,  Dr. Shobha Kulsrestha, Corporate Trainer, Mr. Amit Kumar Tanwar, AVP – Business Banking Group, IndusInd Bank,  Ms. Manavika Sharma, AVP –HR, BIS Research, Ms. Margaret Chari, Organization and position : Sports and Recreation, Commission,  Business, Development and Marketing Manager from Zimbabwe, Ms. Daniela Tello Rioja, CEO and Co-Founder Tinto Libre. Social entrepreneurship on economic vulnerability reduction from Colombia,  Mr. Abdibeshir Said, Lecturer and College registrar head at Haramaya University from Ethiopia. 82 foreign delegates from 35 countries (Ethiopia, Zimbabwe, Afganistan, Argentina, Kenia, Ghana, Nigeria, Sri Lanka and Columbia etc ) and 60 delegates from corporate & academia registered themselves for Summit. Foreign Delegates & other delegates from Delhi/NCR showed huge enthusiasm by participating till the last session of the Summit.


The Summit was designed with an inaugural session, keeping the focal theme in mind and three different panel sessions focusing on Marketing Practices During Innovation, Customer Engagement Trends in Financial Services, Leveraging Digital HR for Organizational Excellence.  

The inaugural session of Summit started with the opening remarks of Sh. Surinder Sood, Director (PR), I.T.S – The Education Group. He emphasized on the role of digitization for the upliftment of the unorganized sector, an expedition of corporate social responsibility activities of the business . Dr. Anusha Agrawal, (Convenor)  discussed an overview and detailed program of the Summit. Dr. Ajay Kumar, Director (Management)  delivered a welcome address. He discussed issues related to digital intelligence, digital innovations, company culture and virtual business system with the help of digitalization. Sh. Arpit Chadha, Vice Chairman, I.T.S - The Education Group addressed all representatives from industry, academia, government and educational institutions from India and abroad. He highlighted achievements of the Government plan and programs initiated by Hon’ble Prime minister and the role of digitalization in effective utilization of such programs. Guest of Honor Sh. Raghvendra G.R.(IAS) addressed the role of digitalization in a globalized economy, copyright treaty, encryption device scheme, new disruptive technology, data mining techniques and financial inclusion in the light of digitalization. Chief Guest Major General  Dilawar Singh stressed on evolving new business modules, the creation of long term strategy with short term project, hybrid model for adopting changes, aggregation vs segregation and inspirational leadership. Finally, he energized the audience with the slogan “Nation First and Character Must” and “Jai Hind”.


Session I deliberations were focused upon Marketing Practices During Innovation

Mr. Vinayak Lal, Senior GM, DS Group was the moderator of the session throughout the session he enhanced the spontaneity of the session. Mr. Bharat BhushanHead (IT& Social Media), Doordarshan addressed issues based on the role of social media in marketing, artificial intelligence, and virtual media and how rapidly data getting transmitted on regular basis on the world wide web. Mr. Jyoti and Ms. Margarate Chari elaborated how to create a desire for a product, relevance of E-commerce. Mr. Avinash Srivastava focused on augmented reality and virtual reality and the prediction of customer need.  He focused upon disruption drivers in the form of market dynamics, geopolitical disequilibrium & environmental concerns.

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Session II deliberations were focused upon Customer Engagement Trends in Financial Services

Mr. Narendra Kumbhat, Founder Mentor, Virtual  CFO Partners Pvt Ltd was the moderator of the session and thus made it ensure that it provides meaningful takeaways for the audience. Mr. Amit Kumar Tanwar, AVP – Business Banking Group, IndusInd Bank expressed their views on the theme during the panel discussion. He specifically pointed out development in the last 10-15 years indicating the scope of numerous opportunities & innovation in India. He spoke about digital revolution and innovations in Indian Banking Sector. Mr. Prashant Sharma Senior Vice President, Kotak Securities explained customer online query related with money transfer, check balance, money investment and loans. He emphasized upon customer relationship in the era of Digitization & Artificial Intelligence. Ms. Daniela Tello RiojaCEO and Co-Founder Tinto Libre from Columbia discussed banking sector innovations with the help of digitalization and enhancing banking efficiency in terms of sanctioning online and offline loans to the customer in context with the country Columbia. Mr. Akash Sharma, VP – Finance, Bajaj Hindustan Ltd. elaborated various trends in the Financial Services Sector and the factors to keep in mind before investing money.

ITS Business Summit

Session III deliberations were focused upon Leveraging Digital HR for Organizational Excellence  

Dr. Shobha Kulsrestha, Corporate Trainer was the moderator of the session and elaborated process of promotions and increments with an effective digital system. Mr. Abdibeshir SaidRegistrar, Haramaya University (Ethiopia) expressed their views on contemporary HR issues and role of digitalization in Human Development in Ethiopia. He emphasized upon technology updation of HR fraternity in order to imagine the future, design the future & align the future with the present. Ms. Malvika Sharma, AVP –HR, BIS Research addressed about hiring talent, onboarding process, and rewards and recognition process with the help of digitalization. She spoke about the digital revolution, virtual organization & challenges related to them. He said that the decision making will be data-driven along with inner gut & feeling in the time ahead and intellectual work will be done by machines. Mr. Pramod Joshi, CEO Winning Mantra attempted issues related to the interview, employee data and  HR planning in contemporary age with rapid digitalization. Ultimately entire sessions were highly informative, productive and sensitizing to students, academicians, and business professionals. He advised everyone to rethink about the concept of leaders & the leadership in changing times.

I.T.S Mohan Nagar has a rich tradition to organize such events based on contemporary social, business, academic, industrial and other developmental issues in addition to its regular academic, professional and research-based activities with its prime objectives of   creating a sense of awareness among audience and ensuring sincere efforts of the institution for  socio-economic  development and thus acting as a catalyst for nation building. Business Summit- 2019 is also a part of the same endeavor to strengthen Industry- Institution- Interface to facilitate competitive and time demanding professional education and to produce business leaders and executives to cater the demand of industry, business and society.

Business Summit 2019 ended with vote of thanks proposed by Dr. Vivek Pachuari.