Interview by Bhawna Rawat


Mr. A. Prakash is presently working as the Head of COMPUTER SCIENCE & ENGINEERING Department in KPRIT. He holds the degrees B.E (CSE), M.Tech (SE) and is currently pursuing Ph. D. He has 14 years of experience teaching in various engineering colleges. He has conducted many Seminars, Workshops, and FDP’s in the Department. Mr. Prakash has received the Best coordinator award for Medchal Zone from TASK. He has received the best coordinator award in VBIT. His research papers have been published in international research papers.

Education industry gives the chance of helping students in discovering themselves

I feel that the education industry is quite exciting as I’m passionate about teaching. During my 15 years of experience, I have come across different types of students, I believe that every student is unique & is definitely good at something. It's just that they take their own time to discover what they are really good at & I take immense pleasure in guiding & helping them out.

Every day is a new challenge which requires a new solution

Every day is quite challenging as there are new tasks every single day & one can’t apply the same logic to the same problem every time they face it.

Our curriculum ensures to fill the huge gap between CSE students and the latest technology

The technology gap is huge in CSE so the provided framework facilitates students to get themselves updated with the technology.

We have included various workshops, industrial visits, etc., in the curriculum to keep them updated with the technology.

Our goals for the CSE department is to get all of our students a good placement

I want my students to focus on coding & I would work on helping my students to get placed in product based companies rather than service-oriented companies.

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Our results speak for our efforts made to maintain the quality of education

Frequent feedbacks are taken from the students, regular academic audits are in place ensuring that faculty are following the plan and the results we get speaks for the quality of the institution as well.

We conduct several activities to build a positive culture among students

We assign group tasks/projects thereby inculcating teamwork. Peer discussions about the problems help them in understanding one’s perspective and critical analysis of the assignments. We generally ask students to deliver seminars helping them in developing a positive mind. 

Every faculty has the responsibility of being a mentor to a group of students

Every faculty acts as a mentor to 15-20 students monitoring their attendance, performance & behaviour. They also motivate & solve any other problems faced by the students.

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We are trying to increase the number of students opting for research

The research approach of the students is not up to the mark, only 20-30% of the total students are interested in pursuing research.

I’m trying to increase this number by asking my students to focus on their literature survey during their project work.

My philosophy of leadership is to create more leaders

A leader should be able to create leaders & this is my motto. I would like to see most of my students become leaders.

Suggestions for the current youth and the aspiring students

Stay in touch with the technology.