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Dr. A Garg is the Director of KIET Group of Institutions. Dr. A Garg completed his B.E. in Mechanical Engineering from Delhi College of Engineering in 1986 and joined the Indian Army. During his long service period of close to thirty years, he has served the armed forces in various capacities in different schools and colleges. While in service, he completed his M.Tech in Industrial Tribology & Maintenance Engineering from IIT Delhi in 1996 and subsequently successfully defended his thesis on Multi-echelon Repair Inventory Systems from the Department of Mechanical Engineering, IIT Delhi in 2010. He also has a Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Application which he obtained in 2004. His tenure at KIET Group of Institutions has been truly enriching as the institute is progressing in terms of academics, co- curricular & extra-curricular activities, social works, international networking and internships. His focus on providing visibility to KIET’s accomplishments has added feathers to the cap of the institution as his special inclination towards networking and connecting for the grand events like Smart India Hackathon2019, International Education Awareness Week and various international conferences has been commendable. His initiatives like the launch and promotion of Innovation Centre, Internship Cell, Unnat Bharat Abhiyaan, Alumni Engagement Cell, Research Council and many others have brought laurels to the institute.

The students are encouraged to be participative in various verticals which help to broaden their skills and horizons 

It is reiterated that Institute aims for all-round development of students involving their physical, mental, social, cultural and spiritual well-being, including discipline. The institute provides a host of various students’ activities ranging from sports, cultural activities, personal-hobbies to technical interests. The students are encouraged to become a member of various clubs to help broaden their skills and horizons. These student clubs not only help the students to explore their hidden talent but also help in areas such as personality development, inculcating in the students the spirit of organization by providing them a platform for hosting their talents.

If the students augment their skills in a few specific areas desired by the industry, employability in the country can be significantly enhanced

It has been found that if the students augment their skills in a few specific areas desired by the industry, employability in the country can be significantly enhanced. To serve this purpose the additions in Curriculum of KIET Group of Institutions is playing a vital role in transforming the life of students as industry ready individuals.

KIET has collaborated in various ways with Industries and corporates to prepare students to be future-ready and accelerate innovations in the field of science and technology propelling inventions and discovery of new materials, products and processes, resulting in breakthroughs that would help build new industries. The institute regularly connects with the industries by organizing industry-connect programs on and off the campus as Train the Trainer Workshops, Seminars, Industrial Visits, Programming Contests, Summer/winter Internships, college projects, Technical Events, Soft Skills classes and making it mandatory for the students to join either of Centres of Excellence, innovation center, TBI or other student clubs.

Keeping in view all the points mentioned above KIET follows a Hundred point activities Programme for Students, so that each and every student may understand and be ready to follow the best practices of the industry.

We regularly update and make necessary changes in the course curriculum

We regularly update and make necessary changes in the course curriculum. Recently , we have introduced two new programs ie. Computer Science (CO) and Computer Science & Information Technology (CSIT) in our B.Tech in the academic year 2018-19. These programs have been introduced to give mileage to the increasing number of applicants in these areas. We are even planning to introduce two more programs in the coming session 2020-2021.

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The institute seeks experts’ advice from industries in the latest technology to train our students and guide our teachers in the fast changing technologies 

The increasing inclination towards novel technologies coupled with innovative ideas, globalization, gaps in industry and academia, less orientation towards research activities, low employability of students, and lack of effectively trained and skilled faculty members pose challenges in the achievement of the goals of the organization. Nevertheless the institute has been able to get over all these hindrances and is regularly maintaining its momentum towards its goals. The institute seeks experts’ advice from industries in the latest technology to train and guide our teachers in the fast changing technologies, and we invite various industry personals for the same. Still we feel that it’s a big challenge to get the involvement of the industries in bridging the gaps between information and training of our faculty members. We even endeavor to encourage more and more Research among our students as well as faculty members. 

We impart pragmatic knowledge with an inclination towards innovative and skills based education

KIET Group of Institutions is a pioneer institute that has it’s inclination towards innovative and skill based education. It is accredited by NAAC with Grade ‘A’and offers NBA Accredited courses (CSE, EC, EN, IT, ME, MCA & Pharmacy).

  • The institute transforms Imagination into Reality through Research & Innovation 
  • It focuses on skill based education and outcome based learning
  • It looks into overall development of its students, making them excel in sports, extra & co-curricular activities and others along with academics
  • It promotes Entrepreneurship & Startups through Hi-Tech Technology Business Incubator
  • It imparts Corporate Anchored Programs in collaboration with Mercedes Benz, BMW, Apple iOS & D Link
  • It gives International Exposure to its students with Global Internships and Foreign Language Programs
  • The institute has Industry- Academia collaboration for Live Projects and Hands-On Work Experience

We aim to evolve our students as learners, innovators, scholars and trainers and we leave no stones unturned in making it possible

Our students acquire competence to become global knowledge workers, and our close collaboration with reputed MNCs and firms not only create opportunities for jobs but also create entrepreneurs who create jobs. With the help of in-house entrepreneurship cell, TBI-KIET, the students are reaped in the field. Our institute is affiliated to Dr APJ Abdul Kalam Technical University (formerly UPTU). Thus, we follow the university curriculum. On the other hand, we ensure the best delivery of the content and even go beyond the curriculum to meet the challenges and needs of the industry.

We, at KIET, aim to provide such education to our students that they evolve as learners, innovators, scholars, researchers and trainers. Our institution has an impeccable academic track record. We endeavor to keep our faculty members, infrastructure as well as technology updated as per the demand of the era. We incorporate the latest and innovative teaching methodology to make teaching-learning interesting and student-oriented. The institute walks with the time and keeps itself embraced with the latest updates or developments in the education sector by establishing laboratories with the cutting-edge equipment and state-of-art machines. 

Our Unique Centres of Excellence make our students stand out of the crowd. The institute has set up numerous labs through tie-ups as D-link, Apple-iOS University Program, E-Yantra embedded systems, Paramshavak - supercomputing facility and Robotics Lab to assist us in preparing industry ready professionals. We leave no stone unturned to prepare and hone our student’s attitude and skills and thereby we train our inexperienced young birds for their flight in the professional world. The institute even ventures to provide funding to its students’ innovation and research based projects. 

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I believe in leading by example which keeps me motivated to carry out any task with my full potential

When values are clear, decisions are easy. I believe in ‘leading by example’, and that motivates me as well as people working with me to give the best of their potentials. I have observed we all collectively have immense potential and creativity within us, but they are to be tapped and channelized in the right direction. As Director of KIET Group of Institutions, I believe in delegating the tasks related to a particular field to the person who has full potential and passion to lead it. My role is to improve the quality of Academics, Research & Placement, to build global interface and prepare the institute to be at par with foreign institutes, develop entrepreneurship and create performance oriented work culture at the institute.

The modern education industry encompasses trainings by professionals with respect to the systematic curricula and pedagogy

The modern education industry consists of training and organized instruction, by professionals, with respect to systematic curricula and pedagogy. These days education does not only focus on the development of intellectual skills and knowledge but also contributes to the effective growth of Indian economy. It caters to the all-round development of the students and that involves numerous co-curricular & extra-curricular activities. Being associated with the education sector since few years, I have experienced that imparting education is the most philanthropic task that is undertaken to serve the society as well as nation. We are proud to contribute in the use of advanced technology and research and add to the happiness in the lives of people. 

With the similar thought in mind, we leave no stone unturned to prepare and hone our student’s attitude and skills and thereby we train our inexperienced young birds for their flight in the professional world. The institute ventures to provide funding to its students’ innovation and research based projects. We have created and facilitated copious Centers of Excellence for application developments for IOS and networking expertise of students. All this is being in order to accomplish the vision and mission of the institute.

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Attitude holds paramount importance; to strive for success one must attain a good attitude 

Attitude is of paramount importance and that’s we try to build in our students. We understand that the students today are more advantageous state in access to technology, digital world, and other resources of knowledge enrichment. They are more ambitious and go-getting in terms of quick success and prompt results. They have to realize that there is no substitute of integrity and hard-work. Thus, we have become a synonym of excellent education, the best life, values, and outstanding placement. Also, KIET has successfully contributed in the multidimensional development of future professionals with a focus on positive thinking and self-confidence to deal with the transformation, challenges, and qualms of life in corporate world. We lay emphasis on learning by research, innovation and believe in continuous improvement. The institute tries to engage and expose its students in the best opportunities of placements, industry interaction, faculty and international exposure. Thereby, giving students an opportunity for all rounded development which is the need of the hour.

My final words for students are “Gain Knowledge and be innovative. Never lose the itch to dream big and be passionate to achieve them. Always remember the words of Dr. A P J Abdul Kalam, “Be Remembered, Be Unique, Be Great!