Interview by Kritika Gupta


Prof. (Dr.) Avinash Desai is designated as the Group Director of Lakshmi Narayan College of Technology, Indore. Having more than 20 years of experience in the academic industry, he is a Ph.D. Guide, D.Litt (Regd.), PhD and MBA from IMS, DAVV Indore.

Dr. Desai is an active member of NAAC committee, various selection committees of university, BOS of IIMM, DAVV. He has authored a book on “Strategic Materials and Supply Chain Management” for MBA students. He has established PG and UG campuses in Indore and Gwalior.

Dr. Desai’s view on the education industry 

Teaching is the noble profession and education industry is the vertebrae of any society and country. To educate and train the coming generation for future challenges makes it entirely different, challenging and best to work.

Leadership philosophy and style 

Leadership in the education industry is only your wisdom. People will follow your noble work in the area of research and innovative techniques in teaching which is useful to society.

As a Group Director, my philosophy is to “Simplify teaching through Research and Innovative approach”.

Challenges faced as the Group Director of LNCT 

Yes, in the present day scenario, students are unaware of the newest happing and development and they are not aware of what they want to do. So, as an education facilitator, it becomes our duty to become a responsible Mentor and guide them to make their journey simple.

USP of LNCT’s Curriculum 

At LNCT, we make sure that we follow innovative approaches to make the students' industry ready. We put extra efforts to bring the classroom teaching closer to practical teaching. Having this kind of practical knowledge will help the students to face the upcoming challenges in a better and mature way.

Changes noticed in the education industry over the past few years 

Updation and bridging up the gap is the most challenging part of the education industry. In the present day scenario, the dynamics of this sector is changing very rapidly and it is becoming a challenge to cope up with the speed. The focus is more on practical knowledge than the theoretical/ classroom learning.

Methods opted to establish a healthy relation with the students

We at LNCT follow the mentor-student model. This model helps us to counsel the students frequently as and when required. This is not time-bound; students can directly meet the faculty mentor for their professional and personal problems. I am also a member of this model, which makes students comfortable to meet me.

Goals for LNCT for the upcoming years

The road map is crystal clear. LNCT is on the path of Research-Based Institute in all areas faculty streams. Very soon we will be known as “Premier Research-Based Institute” in central India.

Suggestions to the youth and aspirants

I want all the students to know that ‘There is no short cut in life. Hard work is the key to Success’.