Interview by Kritika Gupta


Dr. M.K. Rawat is designated as the Principal of Lakshmi Narayan College of Technology (LNCT) Indore. He has more than 20 years of administrative and teaching experience. In his entire career, he has guided more than 25 M.Tech, 45 BE/ B.Tech projects and many more.

With this, his research papers have been published in 15 national and 12 international journals. He has participated and attended 23 seminars/ workshops as well.

Experience in the education industry and what makes it the best

No doubt that education industry is the best industry to work in. The reason behind this is that we as an educator have an opportunity to serve our nation in the best possible manner. We know that the knowledge and education are the major components of any nation’s success. In my journey of more than 20 years, till date I am enjoying my working as a teacher and motivator to the students.

Leadership philosophy and style

Talking about my approach, it is a very simple one i.e. connect to every student and try to understand what they are doing/ have in mind. Next, try to make them understand how they can do wonders in their academics and professional life. At every step, we try to build their personality and make them aware which is the best suited industry they can go for.

Challenges faced as a Principal of LNCT

In LNCT we have a very good environment in terms of infrastructure, faculty or curriculum. The college is a very established brand in the field of academics. The only challenge that I have faced is to keep my students focused on their goal.

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Standard of Curriculum at LNCT

The syllabi level of all the programs offered at the college matches the industry standard. We are having tie-ups with the industry experts. Our TPO organize frequent industry visits for students. Also, we conduct regular workshops/ seminars and invite industry experts to hold guest lectures for the students and faculty members.

Changes noticed in the education industry and skill set that a student must possess

The major change in the last few years are the interference of technology. The students are more updated and tech savvy than the previous years. So, it has become a need of the hour for any educational institution to update their methods to impart knowledge and education.

In the current scenario, the major skill that any recruiter or a company wants in their employee is to be adaptable and flexible. Adaptability and ready to learn are the two major soft skills that are always applicable by any corporate company or industry.

Methods to establish healthy relation with the students

My office is always open to my students for any query/complaint or any suggestion. I keep myself available through online mode also. As the principal of LNCT, the relation that I share with the student is very cool and progressive in nature.

Goals for LNCT in the coming years

Following are few major goals that we plan on achieving in the next few years:

  • To establish a research center.
  • To make all our departments NAAC accredited.
  • To enhance the Placement graph with more high packages.
  • To have more industry connections.
  • To have a foreign university tie-up for our students to provide them with more international exposure.

Suggestions to the youth and aspiring student

The only message or suggestion to the current youth and the aspiring students is to be FOCUSED for what you want to achieve. It is obvious that a lot of hurdles will come in your way to distract your path. But, make sure to deal with it in a smart way.