MNR College of Engineering

Dr. M Venkaiah is the current serving principal of MNR College of Engineering. He is a BTech graduate from KL University. He went on to pursue his Masters in Technology and Ph.D. from the prestigious Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi (IITD). He has worked in NTPC, the public sector, but has shifted to the education sector owing to his passion for teaching and interacting with students. He has a flourishing career in the education sector which spans 25 years and counting.

A leader should be a role model for the people

A leader gets recognized only when that person acts as a role model for others. A leader should be transparent in his/her decisions and honest about the views. And of course, he should be skilled and confident in his work. Only then he/she will leave an impact on people and then he/she will win their support.

Our infrastructure, faculty, and philosophy have paved the path for brand identity

We have trust in our Group's 46-year history. Our infrastructure, faculty, and our philosophy have paved the path for our brand identity. Although we strive on word of mouth publicity, we are constantly putting in efforts to establish a strong digital presence.

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We make students industry ready by making them subject matter expert

We try to develop the knowledge of students by making them subject matter experts. We ensure that they stay up to date with industry standards and job-ready by the time they graduate. We have developed various programs to train students to become entrepreneurs or global professionals. We also provide support to help them follow their passion and dreams outside academics.

We try and introduce courses which are in demand in the market

Every two years our curriculum is revised to catch up to the changing industry scenario. In addition to this, we have been introducing other courses and topics, which are currently in demand in the market. We have seminars on hot topics like Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Big Data, and the Internet of Things to prepare our students.

Our Integrated campus welcomes students from all economic backgrounds

We are an Integrated campus and students of all races and economic backgrounds are equally welcome. We have set up a Scholarship Cell that monitors government scholarships. Apart from facilitating the government provided scholarships, we also provide scholarships to meritorious students.

A student should be well-groomed and industry ready, that’s my responsibility

My responsibility lies in making sure a student is well-groomed and ready for the industry. We focus on personalized assistance and give extra care for weak students in the form of counseling, arranging extra classes and provide a bridge course to improve their communication skills so as to make them at par with competent students.

We aim to become a university with established brand name and ready to face challenges

Our top priority is to become a University with a pan India presence. We aim to grow into an institution which is ready to face the market challenges and cater to growing global demand.

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Students should inculcate curiosity in them

Even though the college makes efforts to stay abreast of the industry developments, the students should inculcate a curiosity early on in their routine. Staying up to date with the fast-changing global scenario is key and timely imparting of this knowledge to students is of utmost importance.

The youth today should be morally strong

The current youth should be morally strong. They should inculcate values both for their personal growth and for their country. They should make efforts to lead a productive and stress free life.