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Dr. Rohit Garg is a committed and dedicated academician with over 21 years of experience in Teaching and research. He has an extensive in planning curriculum and developing relevant pedagogy for its implementation. He received his B.E. in production Technology from Dr. BAM University, Osmanabad in 1998, M.E. in CAD/CAM & Robotics from Thapar institute of Technology, Patiala in 2002 and PhD from NIT Kurukshetra in 2011. He has published more then 50 research papers in Journals and conferences. He is accustomed in managing and organizing national and international Scientific Conferences, Exhibitions, public Interactions in collaboration with Universities and apex bodies. He has been conferred with various awards 308, and reorganization from national & International bodies.

Educators believe in dreaming big and encourage students to believe in their ideas to grow 

The education industry is a constantly evolving profession, and arguably the most important industry in the world. It is a sector where human capital and economic growth stay hand in hand together, focusing on the development of the country. Educators solve problems, develop great thinkers, and change lives. They believe in dreaming big and encourage students to believe in their ideas to live a life they want to. Teachers bring a positive impact on the world's future. I feel privileged to be a part of this industry.

My firm belief is to motivate people around you and inspire them during their ups and downs

A personal leadership philosophy is a set of beliefs and principles that we use to evaluate information and respond according to the situations. For me, leadership is to create a movement towards a specific objective and possessing a vision to which the team moves forward. I strongly believe in motivating by leading by example rather than telling and intimidating the desired action. Above all, the emphasis is on inspiring people around you and motivating them during their ups and downs. I believe in empowering people so that they have an understanding of values, priorities, approaches to decision making.

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The aim of creating world-class education is to portray the academic and educational strengths of the institute

We intend to raise the educational and academic status of our institute to that of the internationally accepted world-class institute. The aim of creating world-class education at the institute is to showcase the academic and educational strengths and potential of MIT in creating an appropriate and navigable roadmap to facilitate genuine, academically credible, and enduring improvements in the quality of the technical education with human values and ethics. It is possible by putting continuous efforts that inevitably involve the progressive evolution of successful strategies for obtaining academic and educational excellence, funding, support facilities’ suitability, academic staff qualifications, and graduates’ competencies. 

Our top priority is to groom students for the future challenges and opportunities

MIT has become the first choice for students seeking value addition education in engineering and technology. We firmly pitch in the teaching and learning process with all the earnestness round the year as our top priority is to groom our students for the challenges and opportunities that lay ahead. We add value addition to our academic program by offering different courses – right from sharpening communication skills to advanced futuristic technology training in broadcast technology, artificial intelligence, virtual reality, robotics, etc. MIT has developed all the systems and resources to develop employable students as per the need of the industries.

Re-evaluation of priorities from time to time is extremely important

There is no doubt that managing time is a sizable challenge, especially when you are in a leading position. You are faced with new physical surroundings, new social environments, new responsibilities, and most likely new financial obligations. I work more on my energy management, which helps me a lot in my time management. I always keep in mind that goals are associated with finite time expectations, even deadlines. I always re-evaluate priorities from time to time and reexamine my goals and timetables accordingly. My work plan always moves with a thought that opportunities do exist every day—every moment. 

It is crucial to interact with the students to help them identify their interests and passion

I share a strong bond with my students and personally feel that the relation between a student and his or her mentor/teacher is one of the major catalysts to establish a positive learning environment. It's very crucial to engage students in meaningful conversations even outside the classrooms. I conduct meetings with students to understand their needs and interests. Such interactions help them to identify their academic passions to reach their potentials. I often interact with the students while walking through the campus any time informally and take their feedback. Further, I am always available for all the genuine problems of my students. They can come to my office or contact me at any time.

Generous endowments and alumni network has helped us to create a brand name

MIT engages students in authentic and realistic learning experiences that train them to create authentic products of learning. MIT has been on top rankings for a long time because of its unique and identified approaches in faculty appointments, teaching-learning methodologies, technical exposure, curricular activity planners, which forms a prerequisite for the great institute. Generous endowments and the alumni network has helped us to create a brand name in terms of placements. A myriad of MITians is working with top brands globally in reputed organizations. This year also 90% of the registered Students seeking job opportunities are being placed in many blue-chip companies so far. 

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Success Begins by setting Goals for the future 

It is well said that Success Begins with GoalsThus the goals for the future is:

  • To enhance and enrich effective teaching learning environments with modern pedagogical techniques.
  • To set a center of excellence in technical education by providing them value addition certificate courses in latest technologies.
  • To provide facilities, infrastructure and resources for enabling the students to conduct meaning-full research and come-up with ideas, innovation and startups.
  • To develop the overall personality of the students by organizing co-curricular, extra-curricular activities, Guest Lectures, Industrial visits, and exclusive Training programme on soft skills & aptitude.
  • To provide more placement opportunities to each student with higher packages.

Life is an educational path, which teaches something new everyday

Being successful often means learning from those who have already achieved their goals. Having a mentor is an amazing blessing to be successful. Treat life like a path full of education, which teaches something new every day. Do what you truly believe in and keep your mind open to exploration. The world is full of great ideas, but success is possible through the channelization of ideas into action. Manage your energy wisely with proper planning and implementation. Set goals and remind yourself to achieve them each day.