Dr. K.C. Singh is currently working as the Director of NM Institute of Engineering Technology. His educational qualifications include B.Sc, M.Tech and a Ph.D. He has published nearly 60 research papers in many reputed national and international journals. Having a rich academic experience, he regularly contributes his ideas and expertise to various Universities. Additionally, he is an active member of ISTE, Institution of Engineers, NBA Accreditation. 

Experience in Education Industry

I have been associated with the management sector since 1985 and the experience was quite exciting and challenging. Every time you are in a class, the only thing that matters is your knowledge and performance unlike corporate sector. Teaching gives immense pleasure and satisfaction to my inner soul. I love interacting with students as it heightens my understanding of their psychology and understanding. This helps me to improve and modify my methods of teaching. 

Leadership Style of Dr. Singh

As a leader, I believe in being a transformational leader especially with my students. This helps me to identify the needs of my students and motivate them accordingly. This definitely builds a sense of commitment and high levels of morality among them. 

As for my faculty members are concerned, I am a democratic leader. I believe in involving my colleagues in the process of decision making. It emphasizes collaboration and free flow of ideas among all. 

Research-oriented curriculum

NM Group of Institutions has established a strong identity among students and parents as the most credible and widely respected Group of Educational Institutions. Driven by the spirit of excellence, the Group has risen fast to create a benchmark in quality education right from KG to PG. It has been able to build on its reputation as a knowledge provider through continuous Research and Development.

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Placement Opportunities at NMIET

We have a full-fledged Placement Cell that works throughout the year to connect to the corporate world and to effectively facilitate the campus recruitment drive at the Institute. Our education program and personality development programs are tailor-made to match the dynamically changing recruitment strategies and expectations of the potential employers. 

We train our students to aim for an excellent career with their passion in mind to achieve their dream jobs. Career Development and Personality Development Programs are conducted for students right from their first year of joining. We ensure that our students are proficient with the expectation of the industry. Thus, the competitive job market recession does not deter our students from snatching away the best jobs available.

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Ensuring availability for the students

I am a passionate teacher, so, I can never stay without taking classes. I am also involved in conducting Language Lab and Behavioral Lab sessions for my students. We have also introduced a grievance cell for the students which is taken care by me only so I am well connected with them.

Qualities a Student must possess

Every student should have eagerness to know about machines and engineering methodology. I personally believe, if you lack the willpower to learn or know something new, then you can not succeed as an engineer. 

The following infographic represents the qualities a student must possess:


Suggestions to the young generations

One of the most important element in any individual’s life is ‘Time’. A student must never ever waste their time, they should try and do something substantial and productive as and when possible. They must keep themselves engaged in academic and extracurricular activities. 

Apart from this, it is essential to involve themselves with research practices and personality development programs to match the standards of global world. 

There are only 2 things needed to be successful in life. First, decide what it is you want in life. Most people never do that. Second, determine the price you are going to pay to get it and resolve to pay that price.