Interview by Bhawna Rawat

Dr. Manhunatha Basavannappa Chalageri

Dr. Manjunatha Basavannappa Chalageri is currently working as the Principal of New Horizon College of EngineeringDr. Manjunatha, BE (Mechanical) First Class with Distinction, M.Tech (Production Engineering & Systems Technology) First Class with Distinction, MIE, Ph.D. (Integration of Logistics model and SAP R/3 System in Lean Manufacturing), is the Fellow Member of The Institution of Engineers (India)-IEI. He is an ACADEMIC SENATE member of Visvesvaraya Technological University.

He has been accorded with BEST PRINCIPAL AWARD by the Society for Educational and Entrepreneurship Development (SEED) for his contributions in the field of education at Indian Institute of Technology (IIT Madras). He is the recipient of Eminent Engineering Award from the Institution of Engineering (India), Karnataka State Centre for the year 2016 on the Engineers Day Celebration.

His current interdisciplinary research interests and field of practice covers Logistics & Supply Chain Management, Lean Manufacturing, Agile Manufacturing, Design and Development of Expandable Auditorium On Wheels, Motion Simulators, Micro Air Vehicles (MICAVs), Academic Innovations & Institutional Building Process and Total Quality Management (TQM).

He is having 25+ years of experience in Industry, Consultancy, Teaching, Training, and Research. He has published a number of Research papers and won various Awards/Honors besides guiding 3 Ph.D. Scholars. His contribution as an Academic Administrator has been demonstrated the way he is leading/steering the campus of NHCE. He has successfully led the NHCE and ensured the permanent affiliation and autonomous status of NHCE from VTU.

He is also a Fellow/Member of many Professional Institutions/ Societies including the Fellow of Indian Institution of Production Engineers (IIPE), Rapid Prototyping Society of India (RPSI), Engineering Design & Analysis Forum (EDAF), Biosensor Society of India (BSI), Foundation for Advanced Education and Research (FARE) and National Institution for Quality & Reliability (NIQR) etc.

Dr. Manjunatha’s  experience in the education industry

My experience in the education sector has been for more than two decades. There has been a paradigm shift in the way education is delivered today and the expectations of students and industry from the institutes.  Traditional teaching has been overtaken by modern teaching using ICT and innovative pedagogical tools. The education sector is providing skills to the students, enabling people to live a better and successful life. I myself being an educator, feel that as a teacher I am able to make an important contribution to the lives of students enabling them to develop skills and build a good career. At New Horizon College of Engineering, it is ensured that students are provided with World Class Quality Education imbibing in them the skills expected by the industry. Our Centres of Excellence from Adobe, SAP, VM Ware, Cisco, Quest Global, and HP& Schneider Electrics are the proof, the way industry integrated education is driven at our campus.

Education is one of the most important parts of life. I consider Education Industry as one of the most important industry as it is the basic right of every human to be educated and also education helps to develop a person and his thought process and brings growth and development. For any nation to be strong, its education mechanism has to be very strong and qualitative.

Dr. Manjunatha’s philosophy of leadership

Leadership motivates people to see and perform beyond their comfort zones. Leadership provides vision and directs the capabilities of the organization in an effective and efficient manner ensuring the achievement of Goals.

My leadership style is more to involve people and drive them to take decisions encouraging them to achieve their goals on time.  Another most important role of a leader is to create leaders. I believe when you have the right people leading the teams, the organization will keep growing fulfilling its dream of marching towards its vision. I and my team at New Horizon College of Engineering have proven this time and again achieving the various milestones. Today we stand tall as a NAAC ‘A’ Grade and NBA Accredited autonomous institution. This is only possible when you have a team of capable leaders, who are dedicated and committed to the well-being of the students and the growth of the organization.

New Horizon College of Engineering

Changes in the education industry noticed by Dr. Manjunatha

Education Sector in India is growing at a steady speed. Changes globally have also influenced the Indian Education System. Times have changed now and students are opting for more contemporary courses than the traditional courses like medicines and law. Also, the introduction of MOOCs and online courses has changed the scenario of delivery of education. This helps the students who are seating in faraway remote or rural places and also provides an opportunity for the students to work and study at the same time. Students have a broader range of courses available to choose from which gives them an opportunity to build an unconventional career as well. This is also an opportunity for colleges to introduce blended learning and more contemporary courses.

A lot of changes can be noticed in the way Industry institutes collaborations are growing. Private Universities are flourishing in numbers and many are known for providing Quality education. It indicates there is more autonomy to the institution for offering more relevant and latest curriculum and programmes to the students. Outcome-Based Education is gaining prevalence in all the spheres.

New Horizon College of Engineering

The most optimum path for a student wanting to excel in any field of management

Life Long Learning is what will make students excel in any field. The most optimum path for a student’s wanting to excel in a field of management is to first choose a programme which drives him to become a skilled management professional. Employability is one major concern of the industry. The industry today wants ready to work management professionals.

Second, to equip him/herself with changing technologies, for example, there is a huge requirement of Business Analytical Roles in the Industry. It’s absolutely important for the students to learn those tools of analytics and their application.

The third is the communication and presentation skills, which should be at par with the expectations of the industry. Students who are open-minded, willing to learn, accept challenges and keep equipping them with the latest in the industry are the more acceptable ones.

New Horizon College of Engineering’s Curriculum and the growth of students through placement opportunities available at the campus

New Horizon College of Engineering has always provided the students with the best of placement opportunities from Top MNCs. Our strong Alumni base is working in good leading positions across the different sectors. The college has a dedicated placement cell for bringing in top-notch companies with best pay packages. Our students’ placements have always been very strong as they are backed by a strong foundation of industry-relevant education, which is complemented by required pre-placement and technical training organized by Centre for Life Skills and Life Long Learning and the respective academic departments.

We are focused to provide students with education on the latest technologies and trends in the industry. At present we have eight Industry Collaborated Laboratories and Industry framed syllabus integrated into our curriculum which prepares the students for enhancing their employability skills in the ever-changing industry. The best practices of industry are taught by the industry experts and foreign professors. Our faculty members are trained by the Industry to deliver the latest industry relevant technologies to the students.

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Things which make New Horizon College of Engineering stand apart from other institutions

New Horizon College of Engineering stands out uniquely in its endeavour to use innovative pedagogical tools, latest way of delivering curriculum, Industry Collaborated Laboratories, industry integrated curriculum in Global perspective with right ingredients of Life Skills Training, Mentoring, and Holistic development.

The qualities which have helped to create a brand name for New Horizon College of Engineering

New Horizon College of Engineering has always stayed focused on delivering quality and the best education to the students. We have always adopted the changes in the industry and globally, offering the education acceptable by the students and the industry. The focus has always been on building and developing employability skills in the students. Our faculty members and students have emerged as very strong researchers and innovators. More than 132 patents have been filed by the institution and 12 have been already awarded. This has been only possible with the overwhelming support of New Horizon Management for providing the best and the latest education to our students.

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Dr. Manjunathan on preparing students to face challenges of modern organizations and global standards successfully

A lot goes in preparing students for employability and the rigorous competition in the outside world. Our training programmes are framed in such a manner which uplifts the student holistically in a phased manner from refining their communication skills, personality development, aptitude and also the interview and group discussions preparatory training. The focus is on Life Long Learning and emphasis on the ability to learn. Each student has been assigned with an academic mentor and a professional counsellor who guide and support them in overcoming any personal and professional challenges.

Moreover, the curriculum has been integrated with Mini projects, Projects, and Industry Internships, where students learn about the market, industry operations and usage of the latest technologies. Students also visit international companies during the International Industrial Tour organized by the college. Foreign Professors’ lectures are also organized in the college to provide global orientation to the students.

Goals for the institution for the next five years

In the next five years, New Horizon College of Engineering will be a globally recognized institution. We plan to introduce more contemporary programmes for the students who are looking for unconventional education. New Horizon being an autonomous institute at present will climb the ladder up to a Private University. We are already doing manifold social activities. This will further continue with rigor in the years to come. New Horizon College of Engineering will emerge as an institute of eminence in the fields of engineering, technology, and management in serving the industry with a high degree of technical, managerial and practical competence. We would wish to see ourselves as an institution moulding the students with professional and social ethics.

Suggestions for the current youth and the aspiring students

Today’s youth have been blessed with humungous opportunities in the industry and globe. They are smart and capable. They should just identify their interest and aptitude and build their skills accordingly. I also want today’s youth to believe in themselves that they can bring in the change, India is looking forward to. They need to build the thought process by which they can shape the future of India.  I also advise students to build integrity and work with integrity.