Interview by Sakshi Aggarwal

Dr. Garima Mathur, Head and Professor at Department of ECE, Poornima College of Engineering, Jaipur

Prof. Garima Mathur is currently holding the position of Head, Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering at Poornima College of Engineering, Jaipur. Previously, she had actively performed her duties as Head, ECE Deptt., and Proctor and Chief Warden at Jaipur Engineering College for 17 years. She has a rich experience in the field of academics and research. Her research areas include Wireless domain, Performance Evaluation of Modified Sphere Decoding Scheme for MIMO Systems, Computer Networks, Cryptography. She has published 2 papers in SCI Journals, more than 15 in International Conferences, 25 in national conferences and count is still increasing. Prof. Mathur has completed her Ph.D. from MNIT Jaipur, M.Tech with honors from MNIT, Jaipur and B. Tech from Amravati University.

Dr. Garima’s philosophy of leadership and her leadership style

Organizations that work in coordination and involvement of its employee in making decisions have a greater probability of progressing. I believe in working with proper planning. History is created by the people who believe in taking risks. I believe that to achieve greatness, we have to think greatly. I am optimistic and welcome new ideas in different domains. I believe in team-work and consider the opinions of all the team partners while making any decision. Active participation of all team members is always encouraged. This ensures collective responsibility and enables the individuals to grow as well.

Significant challenges faced as the Professor of Poornima College of Engineering

A unique feature of Poornima College is the continuous improvement and uniqueness in any domain whether it is academics or research. This implies that as a member of the Poornima family, one always has to be flexible, vigilant, constantly move towards improvisation process and engage in innovative activities. Being a part of such a dynamic organization is laborious at times, but eventually becomes a way of life and provides new learning experiences.

Poornima College of Engineering, Jaipur

Dr. Garima’s experience as HOD-Electronics and Communication Department at Jaipur Engineering College

It has been a great journey to work in the college with great repute. I always believe that learning occurs at every stage of our life. Apart from growing as an academician, I feel blessed to mentor students who have brought laurels for the department by performing excellently at national level technical competitions. The department also has faculty members with enriched knowledge in different domains that further are like the feather on the wings of the department.

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Curriculum of Poornima College of Engineering

There is industrial training at the end of 3rd year, where students get exposure to the industrial environment.

Poornima College of Engineering, Jaipur

Growth of students through placement opportunities available at Poornima College of Engineering

Poornima has always set a benchmark in placement records. There is a range of companies that visit the campus every year and provide the opportunity for the students to move forward in their professional life. Also, the preparation for placement starts at an early stage that helps the students to get the holistic environment of the recruitment process.

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Important skills according to Dr. Garima that an aspiring student must possess

The skills that that prerequisite for any individual to prosper in corporate are confidence, optimistic behavior, leadership qualities, patience, perseverance, smart work.

Dr. Garima’s relationship with the students

I perform my duties as a mentor to my students and feel highly obliged if they desire to enter into this noble profession. I guide them with all the requisite information about entering into academics. For instance, the educational qualifications required, professional ethics etc.

Ideal college environment, according to Dr. Garima and how she encourages that kind of culture at Poornima Group of Colleges

According to me, an ideal college is bestowed with the responsibility to groom the personality of an individual in all domains. In order to encourage and bring out the best qualities in students, the college provides various platforms for students whether it is cultural, technical or literary. This helps students to come out as a confident graduate, ready to face the competitive world.

Top qualities according to Dr. Garima that an aspiring B.Tech/PGDM/MBA student must possess

The qualities that a B.Tech/PGDM/MBA student is confidence, optimistic behavior, leadership qualities, patience, perseverance, smart worker.

Goals in mind for Poornima College of Engineering for the next few years

Being a leader, I constantly aspire to take the institute at the zenith. I have long-term goals which are bifurcated into short-term goals. We aspire to position ourselves as one of the top research driven Skill College not only in Rajasthan but in the world. We intend our students to solve real-world problems by their research work and innovative ideas. We also want our students to build great confidence as entrepreneurs and act as a source of employment for others

Suggestions for the current youth

Self-confidence, knowledge, and proficiency shall be the key to success in this competitive world.  To achieve your dream, develop knowledge, strive hard for it, never be afraid of failures. Instead, consider them as learning opportunities, and build networks. Work hard, avoid shortcuts in life. Self-belief, patience and determination will help you achieve even the unbelievable.