Dr. Rajesh Kumar Tiwari is a committed Academician with over 17 years of experience in teaching, industry and research. He is Academic Advisor of National Cyber Safety and Security Standards (NCSSS), New Delhi, Member of various committees under Kolhan University Chaibasa, Ranchi University, Ranchi and Jharkhand University of Technology, Ranchi, Jharkhand, Life Member of International Data Science Association (DSA), USALife Member Computer Society of India, New Delhi. He is in the Editorial Board/Reviewer of various reputed SCI/SCIE/Scopus Indexed Journal. He has Published more than fifty International Research papers in reputed journals. He has also authored Two books. 

I feel proud that our institute has proved its mettle in terms of quality education

The education industry requires quality education to be delivered to the students. My experience in the industry so far has been glorifying. A lot of education institutes maintain the requisite standard in the field whereas many others don’t. I feel proud that RVS College of Engineering & Technology, Jamshedpur, proved its mettle, and stands with many of the elevated educational units.

Leadership is an inbuilt or developed quality of human personality 

Leadership quality is an inbuilt or developed quality of human personality that makes the person leading from the front with all awareness of what and how to reach the destination. A successful leader sets examples by exhibiting comprehensive skill and takes action following the demand of time. A leader is someone who never gives up hope in any situation.

Leadership’s success depends upon the dedication and honest support of the members

I intend to make the members of the institute realize their importance and loyalty towards the organization. I firmly believe that the success of leadership exclusively depends on the dedication and honest support of the members of the team.

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Timely updation of the curriculum ensures the development of the individual and the institute

I make sure that the curriculum which is being taught to the students is updated on a timely interval. Thus, this practice ensures the development of the institute and the development of individuals with befitting knowledge. On this basis, individuals’ curriculum ensures the best practice of the industry.

A student is a dreamers who dreams with open eyes and designs plans by working passionately towards set target

A good student is like a dreamer who dreams with open eyes and designs his plans, and works strategically to find the destination. Hard work with dedication, thirst for learning and desirous of presenting their knowledge are some of the top qualities of a student. A student never deviates from the true path for the attainment of the set target.

Academic pursuit and cultural awareness work hand in hand for a healthy growth

Academically there should be a focus on the quality teaching of course materials; culturally there should be a healthy atmosphere where everyone in the school should feel togetherness based on their approaches to one another. When the academic pursuit and cultural awareness stand together, there appears a healthy growth in life.

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The goal is to create a vibrant institute that caters to modern challenges and bring modern solutions

My goal about the institute for the next few years is to make it a vibrant institute that can face the challenges of modern life by catering to their solutions. At every level of the college administration, I take care of every bit that can generate and energize every individual of the institute to work for the fulfillment of that golden dream. 

A grand success is visible to the world, but the real success lies in an attempt

Students should work hard and believe in themselves. There is no shortcut route to find grand success whatsoever in the areas they mean to succeed in. A grand success is visible to the world, but the real success lies in an attempt. If one religiously attempts to achieve the goal, no hindrance can cause failure.