Interview by Pratyasha

Radharaman Group of Institutes

Dr. J.L. Rana is currently designated as the Group Director of Radharaman Group of Institutes (RGI). His education qualifications include B.A, M.A, and Ph.D. He has more than 42 years of teaching and research experience. Having published and presented 100+ research papers in various international and national journals and conferences, he has also given several speeches and attended chaired sessions at both levels. With this, he has guided over 20 Ph.D.’s and was the Chairman of CSI Bhopal Chapter for two terms.

Views on the Educational Industry in India

In my experience of 42 years of teaching and research, I have found that the majority of students want to learn prevalent skill sets. However, only a few students are interested in acquiring knowledge about their core subjects. I feel that this is most unfortunate and it is showing as the most significant weaknesses amongst the engineers. The use of common sense and domain knowledge in development and implementations is progressively becoming a serious problem.

Radharaman Group of Institutes

Dr. Rana speaks about the curriculum practices of the Institute

Our institute always remains in touch with HR teams of the industry. We provide feedback forms to students regularly and based on it; instructions are issued to faculty members to upgrade and update. We invite various industry experts to hold workshops/ seminars/ conferences in order to keep the faculty and students updated with trends and the curriculum.

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Also, students are regularly taken to various industries and are encouraged to take up projects related to industrial applications. In addition, there are additional add-on skill development programs as per the requirements of the industry in each department. The faculty ensures to provide periodic advice and conduct classes in order to groom the student and prepare them as per the industry standards.

Ideal school environment as per Dr. Rana

The environment should be very conducive to teaching and learning. Instead of trying to encompass all types of skill sets, infrastructure should fully support a limited number of skill-sets to the full depth. This will enable students to be master of their subject/skill- set and institute will also make its dominance in a niche area. All efforts are directed towards creating ambience, better facilities and infrastructural developments for imparting quality technical education effectively.

Suggestions to aspiring students

Students should adapt to lifelong learning, they must use their common sense and understand ongoing trends of the technology. By doing so, it will make them achieve the ultimate goals.