Interview by Kritika Gupta

RadhaRaman Group of Institutes

Shri R.R. Saxena is the Chairman of Radharaman Group of Institutes (RGI). He holds a Masters of Arts in Economics from Agra University and LLB from Vikram University. For years, he wanted to work for Nobel Cause of Education, especially providing education at a very nominal cost to the talented and economically weak students. With this vision only, he established RGI.

Saxena ji has been awarded by ‘Rashtriyta Pratibha Samman Manch (RPSM)’ and ‘Navalay’ for his outstanding contribution in technical and social welfare field respectively. As a group Chairman, he was awarded by Hon’ble Shri Shivraj Singh Chauhan, Chief Minister, Govt. of M.P, for one of the constituent college RITS being “Best Emerging Institute of the Year 06”.

Talking about Radharaman Group of Institutes

For the last 15 years, I have been serving as the chairman of Radharaman Group of Institutes. From one engineering college in 2003 we grew to 5 institutes in 2008. It is the satisfaction of contributing to the noble cause of the society that is the best part of it.

Shri Saxena Ji philosophy and style of leadership

I am a staunch believer in justice and equality. I believe, good work has to be acknowledged and rewarded as and when required. This drives non-performer to perform and competent workers to excel in the assigned task.

Challenges faced as the Chairman of RGI Bhopal

Life in this field is full of challenges. Growth by itself is one big challenge. Apart from this instilling sense of discipline amongst students and motivating them to be a hard worker is a big challenge as well.

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Curriculum of RGI meeting the standards of industry

The Technical University designs the basic curriculum. However, the completeness and adequacy of the course, skill-sets and teaching /learning process are reflected in the academic performance of the students, their placement and later on advancements in their life.

Most of the things, I leave to the experts, but based on the above I make decisions about what to do and how to do with the help of experts. By far I am satisfied but not contended. Still, as per my understanding, there is enough scope for improvement.

Changes noticed in the education industry over the past few years

Over the years, there has been a significant rise in the educational institutions. With this, the mushrooming and unchecked growth in the students has resulted with minimal calibre coming especially for engineering sector. This is by far the most significant changes.

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In order to fill up this gap, we at RGI always remain in contact with the industrial houses and take feedback from them about our students working in their organizations. We also invite them to our campus to hold workshops and general discussion with faculty and students. Through this process, we learn about the skill sets required by the industry which we later impart to our students.

Ideal school environment and culture as per Saxena ji

I believe, a satisfied student community is an ideal school environment for me. I always provide what is needed to further their career and to enable them to fulfil their aspirations.

Radharaman Group of Institutes (RGI)