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Mr. Shailendra Jain is designated as the Secretary of the sponsoring society of the RITEE Group of Institutions. In 1994, he played a leading role in the formation of an organization named Mahanadi Education Society. Under its banner, in 1995, he established Raipur Institute of Technology, the first private technical education institution in Chhattisgarh, duly approved by the All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE). 

Under his leadership, the Mahanadi Education Society added to its fold a Day Boarding School in the year 2005, along with a pharmacy education institution in the year 2006, a nursing education institution in the year 2008, followed by a Business School in the year 2009. He loves Horse riding, accompanied by his hobbies of Travelling, playing Tennis and Reading non-fiction books.

In an exclusive interview with Kuldeep, Mr. Jain shares his views on the education industry in India, talks about the institute and more. Edited Excerpts -

Thoughts and Experience in the Education Industry

For more than 25 years, I have been into the academic profession and have realized that it is indubitably one of the best industries to be a part of. It is the only profession where you see the journey of innocent teenagers with immense learning potential becoming responsible adults bubbling with enthusiasm, ready to contribute to the development of the country in the respective fields. Teaching, for me, is all about sharing experiences of and to thousands of students.

“Thought Process of Each Individual is Different”

The biggest challenge in the education industry is to keep the curriculum updated and flexible as per the varying needs of the students. The thought process of each individual differs from one another. Thus, it is the teaching method that plays an important role in the transformation of students. 

As a knowledge provider, we have to keep a check on the reception of learning by the youth, as the process keeps on changing with time. Apart from that, another challenge is to counsel youth to follow the righteous path in their lives and make positive contributions towards society. 

Curriculum for Better Employability of Our Students!

The curriculum of RITEE has a bi-pronged approach. It is promulgated by the board of studies of affiliating universities, ensuring a major emphasis on lab experiments and practical activities. It also offers small courses in each stream, especially to cater to market demand and better employability of our students. We organize conferences and seminars with industry influencers. This gives a one-to-one interaction to the students to help them understand the prevailing industrial environment. 

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“I Am Available for my Students Any Day, Any Time”

Being the Secretary of the sponsoring society of RITEE Group of Institutions, I feel a direct connection with my students and staff members. I interact with them quite often. Either it is through meetings, conferences, or even informally. As far as my students are concerned, I am always available to them. I keep a check by meeting them at their departments, in their classes, their labs while they are conducting experiments, and in fact, in the canteen when they have a lunch break.

Developing Our Institutions on National Canvas

In a time span of 25 years, we have educated, trained and placed thousands of technocrats, administrators, managerial personalities, accountants and many more. Needless to say, we still have a lot more to add especially for aspiring youth of our nation irrespective of their economic background. We have a focus in our mind to develop our institutions on the national canvas, extending international exposure to our students and teaching fraternity and achieving vertical heights on the international stage as well. 

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Students Should be Dedicated to their Goals

In the present-day scenario, I can without a doubt say that today’s youth is sharp, inquisitive and fully aware of their surroundings. The only suggestion that I have for them is to always do thorough research and weigh the pros and cons of each option available to them. After making a decision, they must never hesitate to put in all their energy and hard work to reach their ultimate goal.