Interview by Arjun Verma


Dr. Dola Sanjay. S. is currently working as the Principal of Ramachandra College of Engineering, Erulu. He has over 16 years of teaching experience with reputed Engineering colleges and he has completed his B.Tech in Electronics and Communications Engineering from UBDTCE, (Govt college) Davanagere, Karnataka, affiliated to Kuvempu University, M.Tech (Applied electronics) from Dr.MGR University, Chennai affiliated to Dr.MGR University, Chennai, Ph.D from JNTUA, Ananthapur. AP, PUC from First Grade College, Oorgaum, KGF, Karnataka. Affiliated to PUC Board and SSLC from BEML High school, BEML Nagar, KGF, Karnataka, Affiliated to SSLC Board.

Dr Sanjay has various research publications in National and International Journals and he also conducted/participated in various National/International conferences, seminars, and workshops.

Dr. Dola Sanjay. S. on his experience in the education industry

I have about 17 years of experience in the education industry and one year of industrial experience. I am very glad to work in this industry as teaching is considered to be a service. I have seen a lot of students struggling and I started giving academic counseling thereby helping them.

Consequential challenges

The most significant challenge is that there is an attitude problem these days among the students as well as in faculty and to create a positive environment is our major challenge.

Our curriculum

We work towards for outcome-based education. We involve all the stakeholders like industrialists, alumni students, parents and HR from different companies, based on their suggestions as well as, we provide a lot of in-house training and thus we ensure our curriculum is at par with the industry standards.

Goals for Ramachandra College of Engineering

To work towards changing Ramachandra College of Engineering to Ramachandra University and to be recognized at a national level.

Ensuring the best quality of education

We have an internal quality assurance cell, which will be verifying the coverage of syllabus, feedbacks from students, identifying any other gaps and those gaps are filled by conducting seminars, workshops, guest lectures and other necessary corrective measures are taken ensuring the quality of education.

Building a positive school culture

Human beings tend to make mistakes and instead of punishing students for the same, giving them the right motivation and guidance will develop a positive culture.

A supportive relationship among the students

I encourage students and I prefer taking classes so that I could interact with them. I never discourage my students and I would always support with any idea they come up with.

The growth of students through placement opportunities available at Ramachandra College of Engineering

We have about 52% of placements with 289 offers rolled out this year and we are expecting about 65% this year. We also encourage our students in becoming entrepreneurs and we encourage them to pursue research by suggesting them to opt for higher studies.

Dr. Sanjay’s leadership style

A leader should be a guiding force and has to maintain a positive attitude always. The leader should be very transparent.

Suggestions for current youth and aspiring students

Life is beautiful, enjoy it and maintain a positive attitude.