Interview by Kritika Gupta


Dr. Mahesh K. Yadav is designated as the Director of RPS Group of Institutions. His qualification includes B.E, MBA, PGDM, PGDMM, M.Tech. and a Ph.D. His main aim is to groom the students so as to develop the ability to apply knowledge of the sciences and engineering to design systems or processes to meet the needs of the developed society. 

In an exclusive interview with, Mr. Yadav shares his views on the education sector and highlights the strengths about his institution.

Experience in the education industry and reasons for its greatness

My experience in the educational sector has been quite enriching and enlightening. I get to listen and understand the young minds, which in return helps me to council them in a better way. I can say it without a doubt that teaching is one of the noblest human deeds. And precisely because of this nobility; it is the best industry to work in.

Philosophy and leadership style as the Director of RPS

Effective and efficient leadership gets manifested through inclusive and constructive approach. In addition, I make sure to promote potential professionals from the team irrespective of their caste, creed, age, and gender. As a firm believer in the rudiment of leadership (i.e. ‘’ Lead from the front.”), I strive to lead my team through active participation in the most challenging situations. As a whole, I would say that my leadership style is a fine blending of care and constructive critique.

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RPSCET’s greatest strengths and practical curriculum

The faculty’s commitment, talent of the students, and moreover the competent administration along with the visionary management, are the significant strengths of RPS. Keeping in view the possibilities of employability, every good academic institute has to train the students accordingly along with the course syllabus prescribed by the affiliating University. We too, here follow the same academics practices to enable our students to be competent enough to procure prestigious jobs in leading MNCs.

Welcoming environment at RPS Institutes

University is a space where the barriers of all the sorts including race and economic background melt down’ due to the humanitarian heat of knowledge and wisdom’. One of the time-tested formulas for making a University an inclusive space is ‘Student Exchange programs’. In the recent past, RPSCET has signed MoUs with Universities of the USA and South Africa as well. This will not only give the students required exposure but will also help them in understanding the nature and culture of other foreign lands.

Responsibilities towards the University and students

My primary and major responsibility towards the institution is to maintain its status and ensure smooth function of the management. 

Talking about responsibilities towards students, I make it a point to interact with them regularly. The Interactions with students are primarily centered on academic matters. However, at times, I discuss the matter of national interest with the young minds aiming at orienting their minds as the mind of informed and aware citizens of our country.

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Methods opted to establish healthy relation with the students

After learning and knowing the ‘individual talent’ and ‘individual problem’, I reach out to my students and try to guide them. Doing so, helps me to establish a sound relationship with my students and fades out the aura of a Director.

Suggestions to the aspiring young minds

It is necessary to spend the shaping year of your life under the supervision of experienced people. Let there be no ceiling over your thinking, as every human action takes place first of all in the mental space, and then in the virtual world. Be honest to yourself, believe in your capabilities and leave no stone unturned to make your dreams a reality.