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Ranked 53 for B.Tech by The Week 2020
Ranked 120 for B.Tech by TOI 2020
Rungta College of Engineering and Technology - [RCET], Bhilai

Rungta College of Engineering and Technology - [RCET], Bhilai

Bhilai, Chhattisgarh AICTE, NBA | Estd 1999 CSVTU, Durg Private Institute NAAC Ranked for B.Tech by Indiatoday 2020+1 more

Empowering students with digital transformation to open opportunities in different segments

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Rungta Group of Institutions

Shri Santosh Rungta, is a rare breed of passionate Educationist, who, for the sake of fulfilling his commitment to serve the society, switched professions, closing down his successful chain of Industries and Mills. Shri Santosh Rungta, immersed himself into Higher education domain, way back in 1995, with the blessings of his father Shri Ghanshyam Das Ji Rungta. As a tribute to his father, Educational Societies managing Santosh Rungta Group of Institutions are named after him – GDR Educational Society and GDR Educational Foundation.

It was sheer passion and commitment of Shri Santosh Rungta, that a humble beginning in 1998 with just an Industrial Training Institute, today has blossomed into two sprawling campuses of nearly 80 Acres each, 10 Premier Institutes of Higher Education covering Engineering, Pharmacy, Science & IT colleges, Management, Education and a IB Board International School.

It was commitment to serve the society and more so, to fill the void that existed the days when I commenced my career in education sector

I came into education after a long stint at Family run Industries. Commitment was huge, I had literally closed all the industries and had taken a plunge in Education, some 25 years back,; so money was not the driving force. It was commitment to serve the society and more so, to fill the void that existed those days in terms of opportunities of professional and technical education locally for aspiring students. The philosophy and commitment have not changed since then, the mission has been clear from day one, to serve the society and provide opportunity to the local talent pool to excel in the professional domain. Hence, motivation and drive were clear. Today, Santosh Rungta Group of Institutes is a conglomerate of 10 premier Institutions having standings of International Repute after a humble beginning 25 years before. Excellence and maintaining the overall ambiance futuristic in terms of professional education has been the driving force. With jest to create the winning team, we have succeeded in bringing together a professional team that shares the same vision and mission as that of management. 

As far as connecting with the education sector and keeping pace with developments taking place in the Higher education domain is concerned, we have a management philosophy of inducting talents with national and international acumen in the professional education domain and developing them to be the drivers of modernisation and development. 

The accomplishment comes from committed academicians with zean and capability to transform students

Education is a very sensitive matter. I have managed several Industries before venturing into the Education domain; hence I understand the difference between managing the Industry and managing a Group of Educational Institutes. It's very obvious that Education is a people driven domain. It is not the buildings that create a world class Institute or University, but, it’s the accomplished and committed academicians with zeal and capability to transform students in to successful professionals, it’s a team effort of all, management has to play its role of facilitator, Administrators to develop a student centric policies and procedures, and motivated Faculty’s to ensure that learning and assimilation of knowledge happens seamlessly. 

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The core team are given responsibility based on the importance of task to be performed and executed

Institutional Administration has some key functions, namely, Academics, Training & Placements, Research, Industry Interface, Finance and Marketing. Every Group of Institution or University develops its specializations – that emerge as its key USP, with respect to Marketing.

We at Rungta group of Institutions, have a philosophy that Ideally, it should be the “Word of Mouth” from our satisfied customers, i.e. our students, Parents, Industry and Faculty’s that should do the majority of our Marketing!. Hence, it has been our constant endeavour to ensure that all the stakeholders are satisfied and speak well about our group in the marketplace.

The core team of senior professionals from the group meet every fortnight and responsibilities are allocated in PMS, post that, monitoring becomes easy as all reports and progress are available at a click of button. A full-fledged Marketing team remains active all year long, and they venture out to targeted areas of India as well as abroad. Some 9 countries and 8 states are visited regularly as well as ensuring that Leading Newspapers and Magazines publish accomplishments of the Group institutes at frequent intervals, so that students could have better brand recall.

We make sure there is no barrier towards learning for the inbound students and make provisions for the same

At Rungta Group of Institutions, we take special care that inbound students are first facilitated with making them comfortable with the academic systems. Also, efforts are put to overcome any gap in terms of their qualifying knowledge as well as language competency. Separate team of International Counsellors, with French, Nepalese, Arabic language proficiency, act as their single point of contact on arrival. The group also offers a bridge course of 6 months to 1 year, so that they get oriented with academic systems and knowledge requirements. As far as academic systems and the process of knowledge transfer is concerned, all our institutes are Accredited by NAAC / NBA wherever applicable, ensuring quality and systems at par with any other university. Inbound students can definitely gain knowledge of matching global standards in their chosen course with assurance that be it in India or in their respective countries, they would flourish in their careers. 

The best practice requirements of industry gets implemented in respective programs as an add-on course or training

Although curriculum design is in the hands of the respective state university, which gets changed by the university over a period of time, depending upon the feedback from various industries, our Group remains proactive. With continuous inputs and technology feedback we get through our Industry-Institute connect, which is passed on to the academic team as well as the Training department. The best practice requirements of industry get implemented immediately in respective programs as an addon course or training. The group has tie-ups with Training Industries of National Repute, who get these training completed at the earliest, so that students are ready before the Campus hiring begins. An in house Prometric testing facility, also ensures that students are equipped with Global Certifications in their chosen Technology specialization.

We have been successful in integrating diversity in our group which reflects in every vertical of our institution

We are known for at par treatment of our students, irrespective of their Race or economic background. I would say that we have been quite successful in Integrating diversity in our group. Equality is part of our culture, even the dresses reflect the same, everyone adorns blue jeans and white shirts, weekends they put-on Red T-shirts carrying Rungta emblem with pride.

As we have international students in big numbers from various countries, Indian students are oriented to treat them as our guests and ensure that they carry back good and pleasant memories of having studied in Rungta campus. Country specific cultural programs and celebrations of their respective countries are organised, for the sake of other students to get oriented with different cultures and they learn to imbibe diversity and harmonious relations with all, in a fun and playful manner.

As part of our commitment, meritorious and sincere students are extended all financial assistance through various schemes including fee waiver scheme, and scholarships on humanitarian grounds to deserving students, irrespective of their race. Ours is a gender neutral, ethnicity neutral campus and we will continue to evolve practices that are more welcoming to students of different races and economic backgrounds.

I promote a culture which is customer centric, strives for excellence and succeeds in maintaining the rapid pace of growth

My roles and responsibility as chairman of Rungta Group of institutions for the group remains that of an influencer, facilitator, motivator, and developing of culture within the group. I promote a culture which is customer centric, strives for excellence and succeeds in maintaining the rapid pace of growth. Openness to new ideas, experimenting with unconventional ways of Group administration plays an important role. Also, reaching out to the last of the staff, treating staff as valuable resources and maintaining a campus environment to develop loyalty, commitment to contribute towards full satisfaction of our stakeholders.

Students are our biggest asset. Thus, we remain very sensitive towards student aspirations and reach that extra mile to provide them with motivation and resources. We make sure to groom them to their fullest potential. Every student is different, and has their own set of capabilities. As a Chairman, I inculcate this sensitivity amongst all our Teaching and admin staff. I ensure that all our stakeholders appreciate the efforts taken to churn out students with high levels of discipline, sensitivity towards their responsibility of serving society and the nation.

We have to remain ahead of time and prepare for the future challenges lying ahead

Next 10 years are going to be very challenging. A lot of programs may get obsolete, student aspirations will also change. The entire education domain, more so higher education domain, would undergo numerous transformations. Our top priority would be to remain ahead of time, and be prepared for the ensuing challenges lying ahead.

One major transformation that would come as far as my perception goes, is that the Education domain would lose all boundaries. Students would be freer to choose the mode of study, Institutions, and universities would be freer to recruit and offer programs at global level. Technology would evolve at a very fast pace and at the same time, take a centre stage in the entire teaching learning process.So, initiating change management mechanisms within the group, developing resources, and ensuring that we still remain very much relevant and much bigger and promising players, even after 10 years would be our top priority.

Our full-time engagement and commitment towards education creates the difference

Our group's greatest strength lies in its Human Resource. Additionally, the culture of excellence amongst them, ability to respond pre-emptively to emerging challenges and create it into opportunity for the group.

There are very few Educational Groups in India, wherein, the management has no other business interests; it’s our full-time engagement and commitment towards education that creates the difference.

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Meeting the rapid change in the aspirations of students’ is a challenge

Today, student aspirations are changing rapidly. Unconventional careers are emerging, which may not even require a conventional degree for that matter. This aspect of Job market shift will further increase. It might happen that students in large numbers would not even go to college for conventional education. How do we tackle this challenge and still remain relevant to such a segment of students would be a daunting task for higher education in general and for Rungta Group too.

Students today have exposure to technology which keeps them well-informed about the latest trends 

I find today's youth to be more exposed through technology advancements; they are more informed, more knowledgeable and above all more courageous in terms of exploring uncharted paths.

My suggestion to them would be, that, with all that good in them, they should also imbibe very strong core values of discipline, integrity, commitment to serve their motherland and be more responsive and sensitive to the societal norms and last they should always remain grateful to their elders, parents and teachers who have toiled hard for their success.

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