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Dr. B.R. Singh is currently working as Director General of SMS Institute of Technology. His education qualifications include B.E., M.E., and Ph.D. Having 46 years of experience, he has served both in governmental and educational organizations. He has published more than 114 papers in leading national and international journals. Dr. Singh is also a member of approximately 39 leading International journals.

He has authored 4 books and has applied for 1 patent as well. He is a recipient of various awards and recognitions such as “State Scientific Award”, “Best Officer Award”, “Samaj Sri National Award”, “Shiksha Gaurav”, “Lifetime Achievement Award” and many more. 

Views on the education industry

In today’s era, education has taken the shape of the knowledge industry. However, providing knowledge should not be a part of the industry but due to the population of today’s generation, it has been given this name. There are a total of 10,000 universities in India out of which 8,00,000 students pass out every year. The only question that arises is how much these students are putting knowledge in the right way. Therefore, my outlook is how much I can provide to a student so that he can use his capabilities to the optimum level. 

The best thing that I prefer and love in this sector is practical experience. Being an academician, I explain the importance of practical knowledge to my students. They must use their logical and analytical thinking of how to work and make things better. If we ignite the thought process of a student, s/he will definitely think of doing something creative.

Transformational leadership philosophy and style

The first quality of a leader is to identify the objectives of his work. As a leader, I believe that my primary objective is to develop this institution. I prefer inculcating the same qualities in my students and colleagues which I follow. All this cannot be done alone, whosoever are a part of my core team is being motivated by me in every aspect. This will increase their self-confidence and work will be done without any hassle.

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Establishing a world-class education at SMS Institute

I feel proud to share that our institute ranked 1st among AKTU in terms of innovation, implementation, and startup. Out of a chain of 615 colleges, the university chose 47 colleges to participate in a program where students presented their projects. It was indeed a proud moment for the Institute. 

Apart from that, we give immense importance to the prayers. We combine the facts of science with the prayers and explain the relevance of it to our students. This helps them to know the real reason behind worship without any superstitions. This is generally done till schools and hardly practiced in any professional college but we make sure to provide the reason behind it. 

Challenges faced being a Director-General

Being an administrator, the only challenge that I ever faced is indiscipline. During my tenure at Sagar Institute of Technology, I had to call the police for lathi-charge on 2-3 students due to lack of discipline. Later on, I discussed the matter and motivated them to choose the path of success. I am associated with this college since 2009 and since then I have never found indiscipline here and everything is going on smoothly without any hurdle.

Time management tips by Dr. Singh

There are 24 hours in a day and one can only manage if planned in a great manner. My energy level remains constant be it any time of the day. I love to keep myself busy with various activities. I follow a scheduled timetable which includes reading a newspaper and going for yoga classes. This helps me to refresh my mind and soul. Managing my time provides me positivity and energy which helps me to work without any hurdles. Apart from my college’s activities, I also give time to work on the journal of the research scholars of the world.

A reliable relationship with the students

Children should have a hankering nature and affection toward their elders, especially teachers. I help my students to achieve the same. I love to create a hunger in them so that they themselves come and ask me anything without any hesitation.

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The journey of SMS towards success

SMS started with a branch in Banaras in the year 1995 when only 3 universities were there. We stand 50th among the top management colleges of the country. The institute also has been awarded a lot of prizes including ‘North India’s Best Engineering College’. Apart from this, every year our students prepare amazing and useful projects for the society. Till date we have achieved a lot and are still on the verge of achieving, this really means that we are blessed with great qualities as a brand.

Suggestions to young aspirants

With the ever-increasing demand of engineers, it has turned out to be one of the best streams and occupation to be in. The students opting for this sector must be prepared for a difficult yet bold voyage. Being in a competitive world, they must pick their career choices astutely. In this media-savvy era, the students must utilize their time in a sustained manner. Time management is the only way to achieve success in life. My lone guidance to the youthful ages of this nation is to have confidence in themselves and dream constantly.