S. N. D. College of Engineering & Research Center Yeola

Dr. Hari N. Kudal is the Principal of S. N. D. College of Engineering & Research Center, Yeola. He believes in imparting quality professional education that is inculcated with moral, ethical, and spiritual values to engineering and management students to make them globally competent.

How does the curriculum of SND COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING ensure the best practice of the industry?

“Value-based universal education of engineering to develop the nation”

The weighty tomes of the curriculum were likely set out in front of experts, and they probably looked daunting at best. Each subject area has its own roadmap, and despite the lengths of these materials, it’s extremely important that they become best buddies with any curriculum documents. Hopefully you have a little freedom in your classroom to take things in a unique direction here and there, but the curriculum should always be in compass.

Any insights into how your university could be more welcoming to students of different races or economic backgrounds?

“Opportunities based on merit and not race or background”

To develop manpower for creating sustainable and environmentally friendly technologies. A growing body of research suggests that bringing students of disparate races and social classes together can boost scores and help them develop empathy. This year, all the leading Democratic presidential candidates have proposed desegregation strategies, a seismic shift after decades.

“SND COE and RC has strived to give the best engineering education under some of the most erudite and well-respected faculty. The students are being sent out for interactive field work in industries during their higher semesters.”

What do you see as SND COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING greatest strengths?

“Encouraging active participation throughout their journey”

Institute has set up the Academic Research Committee and EntrepreneurshipDevelopment Cell for Research and Industrial Consultancy for promoting andinvolvement of Students and Faculty. Institute has PG Courses through which it contributes to the promotion of new ideas through the thesis. Also, the student presents and publishes their work in National / International Journals. All departmental members of the Academic Research Committee actively participate and encourage students for sharing their ideas and innovation.

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Any suggestions you would like to give to the current youth and the aspiring students?

“Being humble and developing leadership qualities”

Think before you act. The simple but effective process of thought will help you avoid making haste decisions or critical mistakes. Having an established set of values is equally important to develop as a human being. Lastly, maintain a healthy emotional stability.