How Artificial Intelligence Is Totally Changing Everything

Artificial intelligence is a branch of computer science that is being a part of technology science that develops the theory of technology and application systems for simulating and extending human intelligence. This also involves disciplines such as psychology, information science, cognitive science, and many others. Artificial intelligence is the data interaction of human thinking. The intelligent machine can perform similar activities and can deal with the problems. In the future, there are many possibilities for AI.

How AI is useful in Mechanical Engineering: 

Artificial intelligence has extended its hands into every field. The main traditional mechanical engineering process is designing and drafting. What happens if this is assisted with artificial intelligence? We use CAD for designing and drafting. Imagine when AI is used based on the input data, a set of designs will be automatically generated, and we can proceed with the most suitable design for the manufacturing process.

AI is being very popular for autonomous vehicles which help in avoiding a large number of possible traffic situations and be able to master safely. These autonomous vehicles make autonomous decisions for the right reaction that draws the conclusion for the situation.  Mechanical engineering companies are primarily users of AI technology. For mechanical engineering AI increases the efficiency and also develops the new business models. AI will be the main factor in the future of mechanical engineering products and processes. Mechanical engineering plays an important role in the use of cross-industry and cross-divisional AI.  AI also increases productivity and decreases drudgery to a great extent.

Advantages of AI: 

AI can have a low error rate. If it is coded properly, they have incredible accuracy and speed. They won’t be affected by a hostile environment, and they can complete dangerous tasks. This can even mean mining and digging fuels that would be hostile to humans. The best example of AI is a Smartphone, video games, etc. It can also detect the card-based system, and possibly any other systems in the future. They can easily act as assistants and can recommend various actions. From self-driving cars to healthcare diagnosis, stock market analysis, even things insignificant as editing selfies, there is no doubt that AI plays an increasing role in the  future.

By Asst. Prof. Ranganatha Swamy M K
Faculty of Engineering and Technolgy
Jain Deemed to be University