Interview by Bhawna Rawat



Guduru VNSR Ratnakara Rao is currently working as the Principal of Sri Vasavi Engineering College, Tadepalligudem. He has completed his Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering and Master’s degree in Thermal Power Engineering with distinction. He also holds a doctorate degree in Mechanical Engineering. He has a considerable teaching experience of almost 2 decades.

Dr. Rao has published papers in national and international journals. He is a member of Indian Society for Technical Education and a member of The Institution of Engineers (India).

While in the education sector we can get instant feedback from the students

Education Industry is one of the finest platforms to serve the societal needs

This is the platform which can be instrumental in shaping the careers of the young generation. Like no other industry I do get an instantaneous feedback from the student community for my actions and thought process which makes me feel happy and proud to be a part of it.

The 3 significant challenges faced by the Principal of Sri Vasavi Engineering College

The current challenges we are facing are:

  1. Mentoring the students
  2. Curriculum updations and
  3. Faculty training

Our autonomous status offers us the authority to update the curriculum regularly

Our Institution is now enjoying the status of autonomy from the academic year 2018-19. We have got enough flexibility and authority to incorporate changes in the curriculum frequently as per the requirements of the industry.

Two major goals set for Sri Vasavi Engineering College

  1. All the programmes offered by the institution should be accredited by ABET
  2. Should become a university in another 10 years

Methods adopted to ensure the quality of education in the institution

  1. We are now adopting Outcome-Based Education which ensures quality in the teaching-learning process.
  2. Active learning is an effective tool in pedagogy which is in force at this institution.

Building a positive school culture or climate

  1. We do have a number of clubs wherein students actively participate
  2. Students are engaged in CSR activities as well
  3. The effective feedback system is in force.

Steps taken to solve the problems of students

  1. We do have a portal through which students can be in touch with us.
  2. We do have an online grievance mechanism.
  3. A faculty acts as a mentor for 15 students.

The growth of students through the placements opportunities available at the campus

We can see the alumnus of this college at greater heights. of people are in commanding positions in various companies and enterprises. A good number of entrepreneurs are also from Vasavi.

Style of leadership which encourages people to perform better

My style of leadership is to observe, understand and encourage people to perform better.

I believe in exposing my students and faculty to new trends.

Suggestions for the current youth and the aspiring students

Never be nervous. Try to adopt the changes. One should always be a lifelong learner.