Interview by Sakshi Aggarwal

Dr. Sagar Gulati, Director of TERII

Dr. Sagar Gulati is an astute and result oriented professional with approximately a decade of experience in Academics & Research, Policy Formulation and Execution, Academic Administration and Control, Projects Management, Resources Optimization Business Development. He is dedicated, resourceful and innovative educationist with rich academic and administrative experience from the grassroots, up to the senior management echelons of the hierarchy. He has a thorough understanding of education systems and latest technological innovations in the fields of education technology. Keep abreast of new developments and research in education, and share the information with faculty/staff as appropriate.

Dr. Sagar’s academic qualification include Ph.D. in Computer Science; Masters in Computer Applications from Kurukshetra University, Kurukshetra (1st Division); Bachelors in Sciences, H.N.B. Garhwal University, Srinagar (1st Division); and 12th and 10th from U.A. Board (1st Division).

Before working in Technology Education & Research Integrated Institutions (TERII), Dr. Sagar was a lecturer in Uttaranchal Institute of Management (Presently Uttaranchal University).


Experience in the education industry

Education industry keeps you young. When I see a Professor of 73 years of age, and still looks fit, energetic, and daily to his teaching-research routine, I feel the energy that as an educationist, you are always surrounded by youth which gives you energy and zeal to stay Young. Secondly, you enjoy that pride that your students are tomorrow’s leader. According to me, after parents, teachers are the only community which desires that my student should have better stature than mine. These sentiments cannot exist elsewhere, and that’s why I love this industry.

Dr. Sagar’s philosophy of leadership and his leadership style

Leadership for me is the success of my subordinates. Well, as a leader, I cannot please everyone; But I ensure that my approach, direction, and path-showing to my team, lead them to victory. I treat myself as a seasoned Administrator who taken situation-based decisions on merit, and not on sentiments. 

Significant challenges faced as the Director of Technology Education and Research Integrated Institutions

As the head of the institute, every day is a challenge. Daily, you go to your office with a list of deliverables. The moment you take your seat, until the end of the day, you don’t have time to address your actual list of priorities, as you had so many runtime affairs to manage. So, you sit back late in office to wind off the work and then work till late night to complete the ‘Today’s Tasks’ and define the tomorrow’s one.

Curriculum at TERII

The institute is affiliated to Kurukshetra University, which is a State Govt. world famous University, recently accredited A+ Grade by NAAC, the 1st to have this status in state Haryana.The curriculum is designed to match the Industry standards; On completion of the 2nd year and 3rd year of education, students go through 6 weeks and 8 weeks industrial training schedule respectively, which adds a lot to their exposure. Moreover, as a policy matter, TERIIians are facilitated one industrial visit every semester and at least one expert from Industry has his/her session with the students of TERII. All these practices of the institute make our students industry-ready.  

Growth of students through placement opportunities available at Technology Education & Research Integrated Institutions

TERII has always been on its toes to facilitate placements. A team headed by myself works in mission mode to facilitate placements to the employable le students. Today, Our Alumni are working in Top multi-nationals across the globe; good no. of students are running their own start-ups; and quite many working with Government Departments, Banks etc. Further, the scope of improvement always exists, and we are committed to coming forward with many more new opportunities for our students with every passing year.

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Dr. Sagar’s relationship with the students at TERII

We call ourselves TERII Family, not just institution. I live inside the campus; Moreover, the Advisor, the Management all live inside the campus. At TERII, any student, for any genuine concern, can anytime step in my home and I am always available for them. I get enormous love and affection from my students which actually is my strength to work 18 hours a day. “My students are my family members.”

Ideal Institute’s environment according to Dr. Sagar

It is tough to define anything called ‘Ideal’; but in the Google, Facebook era, you have to be friendly with students. The culture should be equal opportunity for all. The environment should be soothing for all and it must be above caste, creed, religion, region, and gender. Students should get good opportunities to participate in Co-curricular, Extra-curricular assignments, Research and Development, Projects, Training & Developments, Workshops, Sports, Cultural Performances etc. By the time, a student completes his/her 4 years in hostel, he/she must be an overall package. Yes, I strongly recommend hostel life while professional education as it teaches you lot many things.

Top qualities that an aspiring engineer must possess

Engineering students must do their SWOT analysis, they must understand the fundamentals of Engineering, and they should have their vision and goal very clear that where do they see themselves 5 or 10 years down the line. Students should participate in co-curricular and extra-curricular activities on regular basis; they must follow books like R S Aggarwal for Quantitative Aptitude, Reasoning; they should be socially, morally and globally updated.

Goals in mind for TERII for the next few years

We aspire to be the one of the best in the country. TERII is blessed to have leadership and guidance of Dr. M. P. Gupta (Former Director, Technical Education, Govt. of Haryana & Uttarakhand) as Advisor. Under his defined roadmap, the institution has been able to achieve wonderful results and aspire to reach higher echelons in the Industry; And I foresee that TERII shall be a leading technical institute of India in near future.


Suggestions for the current youth and the aspiring students

We are living in the age of electronic world and lot many global forces are operating on the youth. Major is the chances that youth may lose right path or get distracted from their goal. Under the prevailing circumstances, responsibility is more on parents and teachers. A very regular interaction of parents with the student, effective Mentor-Mentee relation of faculty and student, a bit of strictness with a bit of affection, time to time counselling etc., all these things will play a major role in path definition for the youth.

A lot is being said about YOUNG INDIA, but let me honestly share that, this situation will prevail till 2025 only, thereafter INDIA shall start getting old; and hence, major is the responsibility of young professionals of today that before we start getting old, let us reach a height and then try to sustain there.