Thangavelu Engineering College

Dr.Venkatesan is an alum of Thangavelu Engineering College. He completed his bachelor in Mechanical Engineering in the year 2000 and joined as an Associate professor at TEC. Gradually over 20 years, he climbed the ladder to become the principal of this prestigious institution. Over this course, he has completed his Masters and also did his PHD in the field of Mechanical Engineering. He has written and published several articles in National and International journals. Under his leadership, Thangavelu Engineering College reached new heights by providing 100% placements opportunities to students with the help of the Personality Development Center that was established under his guidance.

It is important to give equal opportunity to each individual when working in a team

 I lead from the front by taking action, demonstrating what needs to be done, and keeping my team an organized one. I try to give each person a chance to do what they are best at and create a team effort that delivers a better result.

The technological and industrial advancements creates opportunities as well as competition

As we are progressing, the technological advancements are prospering as well. The advancements in technology and industrial progress give immense opportunities to the students. At the same time, there is severe competition too. Therefore, the four years of the college become crucial for students, to nurture themselves as good professionals, for placements and for higher studies with scholarships.

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College follows an outcome based education for the all-round development of the students

The college has set up an Industry Advisory Board with an objective to establish strong industry connections, conduct workshops; such as MDP, FDPs with collaboration with industry and provide suggestions for process improvement as well as curriculum improvement. The college follows an outcome-based education by developing course plans with objectives and outcomes. The college has launched Alumni Portal to connect with the alumni and utilize their services, like Guest Lectures, Internship opportunities, placements, etc., Regular training & placement is imparted in the area of communication skill and aptitude to the students to make them employable. The college has encouraged students to pursue internships during the vacations and acquire necessary problem-solving skills. The college regularly encourages the students to compete in external competitions

It is important for the privileged students to understand the adversities of non-privileged

Students who are the first in their family to enter higher education join a rarified and often mystifying culture of rules, rites, and rituals. A first-generation working-class college student who became a faculty member offers his insights and recommendations after forty years in the academy.We must change the campus environment to be inclusive so that privileged students are encouraged to understand and appreciate the values reflected in poor and working-class students’ ways of life.

My responsibility is to provide strategic direction to the College system

My responsibility is to provide strategic direction to the College system. We develop standardized curricula, assess teaching methods, monitor student achievement, encourage parent involvement, revise policies and procedures, administer the budget, hire, and evaluate staff and oversee facilities. Thus, we concentrate not only on the curriculum but also on developing skill sets, core competence, and positive attitude in students to enable them to attain leadership in Technical and Management Education.

The vision is to aim for Quality education by Innovation and Excellence

It is the vision of the institution to set high standards of ‘Quality Education’ by developing and guiding the students towards ‘Innovation and Excellence’ by providing the right skill set, instilling confidence and a sense of responsibility in our students, making them not only employable but also robust to contribute effectively for the welfare and development of our country.

Challenges are initially daunting but they go on to become an accomplishment 

There were numerous challenges which later on went to become a milestone. The education industry foresees a new challenge everyday. While they do come as a difficult factor to tackle but later become an accomplishment. Currently, the college is working to become more transparent and accountable, along with how people learn in the emerging scientific research and new millennium.

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College provides ample opportunity to the students to widen their horizons

As the courses are being constantly added on, the infrastructural facilities are also being updated. The colleges endeavor to provide students ample opportunity to widen their horizons in every activity. The management encourages students to interact with them in their overall development. This extends not only to academic matters but to issues regarding their careers and personal matters as well.The college maintains close contact with the alumni. Many are well placed in India, and abroad, and an effort is made to rope in their support for the benefit of outgoing students of the colleges.

Positive relationships in colleges are central to well-being, which results in an effective learning environment

Positive relationships in colleges are central to the well-being of both students and teachers and results in an effective learning environment. There is now a wealth of research on the importance of connectedness in colleges and on the specific qualities of in-college relationships to promote effective education. This demonstrates that the research is based on an ecological framework throughout the college system. This chapter explores what college might do to increase the level of social capital and positive relationships within the college community.