Interview by Bhawna Rawat



Mr. B. S. R. S. Siva Kumar is currently working as the Head of Humanities and Science Department at West Godavari Institute of Science And Engineering. He holds M.A, M. Phil. and M.B.A degrees. He holds a valuable experience of 11 years of teaching literature students. He has presented papers in both national and international seminars. Two of his poems titled ‘Repentance” and “An Innocent Being In Recession” has been published in the anthology “A Poet of Poesy”.

Taught and inspired graduates and postgraduates in my 11 years of teaching career

A teacher is the one who is responsible to produce better individuals & this helps in creating better pillars for the society. I have 11 years of experience in the education sector. In my journey, I have dealt with undergraduate as well as postgraduate students.

Making students perform their best is the biggest challenge

A few students don’t act according to what is expected from them. So, we need to give them extra guidance & put extra efforts to get them back on the track.

Our curriculum ensures making the students practically and theoretically sound

English, Chemistry, Physics & Mathematics are the subjects that act as basic stones for any student. So, we have incorporated these subjects in the curriculum in the very first year for the better basic understanding of concepts, thereby, making the student both theoretically & practically sound.

Goals for the development of the Department of Humanities & Sciences

I would like to bridge the gap between the present & future developments.

Taking feedbacks to maintain the quality of the education

We try to get feedback from both students & faculty, and we provide self-assessment task to the faculty.

I don’t believe marks can evaluate the potential of a student

I don’t believe in marks so to evaluate the students I ask them to give presentations and seminars. I conduct Group discussions and mock interviews. We have introduced a program called ENCODE (English Communication Development Program), apart from this, we conduct different Activities like JAM (Just a minute), language competitions, etc.

Building a strong teacher-student bond

I try to teach them in a way that is best for them. I also try to act as a good mentor to all of my students.

A positive environment makes the students fearless to explore their potential

I try to create a friendly atmosphere in the classroom as well as in the college by focusing on student-centred classes. We work on making the students active in the classroom so that he/she doesn’t have the fear of facing the industry.

Stimulate the interest rather than pushing people to get the work done

I’m not just a man of my words but also a man of action. There are two ways of getting the work done, one is by pushing & the other is by stimulating the interest. I prefer the latter one and I think it is a very important quality which a leader should possess.

Suggestions for the current youth and the aspiring students

Be ready to face any kind of problem. Success is not the only thing that is important, the process of trying to get succeeded is more important.