Interview by Bhawna Rawat



Ms. Madhavi Latha Gone is presently working as the Head of Department of ECE at West Godavari Institute of Science And Engineering. She holds B.E degree in Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering from CRR College of Engineering, ELURU and M.Tech degree in Embedded Systems from Nova College of Engineering & Technology.

She has a teaching experience of a decade as an Assistant Professor in ECE Department in Akula Gopayya College of Engineering & Technology, Ramachandra College of Engineering, and West Godavari Institute of Science and Engineering. She has 5 years of experience as an ECE HOD in West Godavari Institute of Science and Engineering, T.P.Gudem, West Godavari (dist).

Experience in the education industry so far

I have about 11 years of experience in the education industry. I started off my career as an Assistant professor and I am currently working as the HOD for ECE department in West Godavari Institute of Science And Engineering. I feel that this industry helps in building a better society by helping students to become better individuals.

The biggest challenge faced as the professor

Dealing with different types of students who have different mindsets is the biggest challenge.

Our curriculum ensures to prepare students for the real-time challenges

We ensure that our curriculum is helping our students in getting a real-time experience with respect to the industry’s requirements. We make sure we are preparing them both theoretically & practically.

We aim at providing campus placements to all of our students

The primary goal is to ensure all our students are settled in their life. We try to provide 100% placements.

Monitoring teachers’ lectures and students’ performance helps in maintaining the quality of education

I personally monitor the quality of classes ensuring all teachers are doing their best by providing great standards of learning. The students are evaluated regularly by a series of examinations & other academic activities.

A positive school environment must ensure equality

I try to build a positive school environment by treating everyone equally & by being very transparent.

Interacting with students and taking feedback ensures a strong teacher-student bond

I am a teaching professor as well so I get to interact with a few students directly and I am always open to feedback from students for improving the quality of education in any aspect.

Encouraging students to undertake research from the very first year

All the students in our department are encouraged to undertake research from the first year itself, in this regard, we ask them to work on mini projects, paper presentations, etc.

My leadership style is to inspire people

According to me, a leader should be very transparent and should inspire the students & faculty in a right way. This describes my leadership style.

A piece of advice for the students

Try to use your time in a smart way and acquire the right knowledge as much as possible.