Interview by Sakshi Aggarwal

Prof. Rajesh Sahay, Chairman of Hierank Business School

Prof.  Rajesh Sahay is serving as the Chairman of Hierank Business School, Noida. He is the President of Council of Supply Chain and Logistics Management, Director of CAT7 360° Media Solutions, Secretary General of Noida Federation of Apartment Owners Associations, (NOFAA) and the Chief Editor of NOFAA Times-National Monthly at the same time.   

He is famous for never give up attitude with self-assigned jobs, which he learned from his father Sri. A. B. Sahay.

A thorough professional Prof. Rajesh Sahay, after finishing his MBA, was selected as a Senior Management Trainee by HCLhp. In 1992 due to his hard work, he was promoted to Head of the Delhi Region. In 1996, he joined Software Solution Ltd. as Country Manager and was responsible for 200% growth in three years dealing with Oracle Education in India.

In 1998 Govt. of West Bengal and GTL Ltd started their Techno Campuses in Delhi, Mumbai, Calcutta, Chennai and Bangalore. Prof. Sahay was appointed as General Manager (Operation) and was responsible for the Business Development and day-to-day operation of Techno Campuses across the country. Later, he joined AMITY Group of higher Education in 2001 as a Director of three IT and Computer Science Institutions, Amity Institute of Information Technology, Amity School of Computer Science and CISCO Networking Academy.

In 2006, he started his own venture Hierank Business School Noida, which today, is a brand and successfully completed its 12 years of operations with 3000 Alumni and 106 + Recruiters.

There are more than thirty articles Published in different Magazine and Newspapers by Prof. Sahay. His regular column in “Dataquest” magazine. ‘Still, IT is the best paymaster’ is appreciated by all. He is a motivational speaker and delivered more than 100 lectures which include BHEL, Delhi University colleges, and Management Institutions.

In 2007, Prof. Sahay was awarded Gem of India Award by Lord Swaraj Paul at a glittering Ceremony in London Crown Plaza Hotel for his achievement in the field of Education. For his deep knowledge in the field of supply chain and Logistic Management he is assigned to the job of President, Council of Supply Chain and Logistics Management, India. In Nov 2011 he has received prestigious ‘Dewang Mehta Award’ for Retail Curriculum Design in IIM Indore.  He was instrumental in founding Noida Federation of Apartment Owners Associations (NOFAA).

Hierank Business School

Prof. Rajesh’s experience in the education industry

I have been the Director of Amity, Noida, following as the Regional Head of HCL, HP. Later, I was the Country-head of Ship Security International Ltd. After all of this experience, I joined Hierank Business School as the Chairman.

The best thing about being in the education industry is that this industry is all about serving others. Students come to us and we take an initiative to groom them entirely. We teach them, further educate them, make them strong independent individuals, till the time they are placed in jobs of fields of their priority and interest. My placement team is hell bound and works for placements because when our students/alumni come to meet us years after passing out and we see them doing good in life. This, in itself is a sense of sheer satisfaction.

Prof. Rajesh’s philosophy of leadership and his leadership style

If students are well versed with sheer knowledge and determination, leadership skills flow in. Undeniably, knowledge is power, and power boosts the confidence. Anyone who understands this is going to be a leader in his/her life, that knowledge rules. Nothing in the world can replace what knowledge can do.

Significant challenges faced by Prof. Rajesh as the Chairman of Hierank Business School

While I was the Director at Amity, I realized that being a good brand, we definitely had companies visit our campus, but they barely shortlisted anything more than just 20% of the students. After moving in with Hierank Business School, I further realized that students are at the utmost vulnerable and fragile age when they are in the years of school/college. Proper grooming is essentially required and this is definitely one of the challenges.

The curriculum of Hierank Business School

Right from the first day of our curriculum, we believe in industry-ready individuals. We do not believe in the traditional curriculum because that is already there. Our curriculum is based on the requirements that the market holds at the present time. We go by what the industry today is looking for and make sure we prepare and groom our students accordingly. This is the reason we successfully touch the target of at least 85% placements every year. We have prepared the study module in such a way that if a unit/chapter is to be given in total 15 hours, the classroom time would only be 50% of this. Other activities include preparation of case studies, presentations, quizzes, debates, etc. A student is made to go through the concept in such a way that he/she will have a hard time to forget it. The sustenance of the concepts becomes way easier in this way.

Growth of students through placement opportunities available at Hierank Business School

We upgrade our curriculum every semester, or as and when required. We give equal room to theoretical as well as practical knowledge, which is the reason the course does not get monotonous. This also includes training in the mid of the course. Most of the times the companies where our students intern is where they get placed. The course ends in April, whereas most of the students are placed somewhere around January-February. We have also done marketing for Bajirao Mastani, Baahubali, etc. There are 3 internships, December-May –June, June-July. Placements have never been a pain for us.

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Prof. Rajesh’s relationship with the students

I have been very close to my students. I make it a point to spend time with them. There is no pomp and show involved in coming to see me or coming to meet me. I am very approachable to my students, that a few of them discuss a lot, way beyond that a student would with their teachers, parents also for that matter. But when there is a need, I turn out as a Hitler. I have been in the industry for more than 35 years now, I exactly am in a mindset to understand that all of this is important at their own time. I do understand that it is very difficult to turn late teenagers into young adults.  And an average person can do a lot of things, an average person can change the future of a nation. One does not have to be a 99 percentiler when we know and have seen that being just average but very disciplined and hardworking can yield wonderful results. There is a very thin line between friendship and familiarity, which is to be maintained always.

Ideal school environment according to Prof. Rajesh and how he encourages that kind of culture at Hierank Business School

I am a strict disciplinarian, and on the other hand, I make sure of being there for my students as and when required. This created a kind of atmosphere around in the campus where learning is not a task. With the less strength of students, it is also easy to pay more attention personally, which gives a little ease to the faculty as well, but the positive learning aura and the environment where everyone thinks out of the box and is welcomed with new ideas and innovations, is what I call as my ideal school environment.

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Hierank Business School

Top qualities according to Prof. Rajesh that an aspiring candidate must possess

He/she needs to be able to think differently. My question to them once was-what you learn from the tree? What does the sun represent for you? The answer to many such questions “time”. This is a sense of selfless giving. Any student who takes up communication courses should imbibe within themselves the quality of hardwork, thinking out of the box, and a sense of selfless giving.

Goals in mind for Hierank Business School for the next few years

I want to constantly add new courses and subtract the old ones which I find should be eliminated. I am looking for new horizons in all spheres, and if there are any new horizon, I want to be the first one to be there. I am definitely looking at some new verticals, but they are still only in the pipeline.

Suggestions for the current youth and the aspiring students

There is a period in your life when you need to just get down and do something. Especially when you are into a PG curriculum, one needs to snap the tiles between childhood and adulthood. One should learn to respond to his/her ability. And for this you need not be a 90 percentiler. You need not be an 80 percentiler either. Someone who is between 60-75 can make a vast change. Why not put your energies together and just work hard! Earn in crores but give something back to the society.