Interview by Sakshi Aggarwal

Dr. Tarun Kushwaha, Associate Professor, PIMR

Before joining PIMR, he was working with Symbiosis Institute of Business Management (SIBM) Pune, from August 2011 to July 2014, as Associate Professor. At SIBM Pune, he used to handle various responsibilities including the Faculty in-charge for weekend programs.

He has many research papers in his credit which are published in various national and international journals including the journals of Elsevier. He has also authored many cases which are published in various journals, books and monographs.

He was the Chairman of research committee at SIBM Pune in 2013-2014 and was the member of editorial committee of the research journal SAMVAD. He was the member of program committee of 2nd and 3rd Annual International Conference on Enterprise Marketing and Globalization (EMG) organized by Global Science & Technology Forum (GSTF), Singapore.

He has also attended various international and national conferences and has presented papers. He is actively involved in corporate training and is the main trainer for organizations like Cybeage, Bajaj Allianze Life Insurance Corporation, SBI Learning Centre, Employees Provident Fund etc. His areas of interest are Consumer Behaviour, Services Marketing, Branding and Strategic Marketing.

Dr. Tarun Kushwaha’s experience in the education sector

Since this sector contributes to nation building, capacity building, society building and help in providing skilled manpower to the country, it is the best sector to work in. My experience was very satisfying and full of self-accomplishment. 

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Definition of good teaching, according to Dr. Tarun Kushwaha

In my opinion, a teacher is as good as its students. A teacher should always create a learning atmosphere in the class. The students should be encouraged to discuss anything and everything which helps them in learning the concepts well. The best way of learning is through collaboration. A teacher should never go to the class with preoccupied thoughts. In fact, he should be ready to learn from the students.

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Changes in the education industry noticed by Dr. Tarun over the years

Technology has changed everything. All the sectors are affected by it and education sector is not an exception to it. Technology has enabled us to replace case-based teaching by simulation-based teaching, MOOCS, online lectures are now an integral part of learning. The students and teachers are continuously in touch with each other through social media.

Technology applications utilized by Dr. Tarun Kushwaha in the classroom in his teaching career

If I go chronologically, then first OHP then PPT and then Projectors. I often use videos, animations, YouTube and various online learning platforms and apps. My favourite and latest inclusion are of business simulation games.

Changes brought by Dr. Tarun to the teaching of PIMR, Indore

Since my joining in PIMR, I have initiated Business Awareness Newsletters and Test, Sectoral Analysis, E-cell revival, start-up internship and the introduction of Business Simulation Games in PIMR. Besides this, I am the member of the team to introduce Entrepreneurship specialization in MBA. However, nothing is possible without the support of the leader and I am thankful to my Director Dr. Yogeshwari Phatak who not only allowed me to do these things but supported me at every step too.

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Dr. Tarun Kushwaha’s greatest strengths as an instructor

My greatest strength is that I’m open to learning every time. And through continuous learning, I’m still developing myself.

Dr. Tarun on how do they prepare students to face challenges of modern organizations and global standards successfully

Equipping students with contemporary knowledge would help them to face challenges of modern organizations and global standards. Through the pedagogy, I try to make my students ready to face those challenges.

Dr. Tarun’s relationship with the students

I encourage collaborative learning in the class. A student is welcomed to discuss anything and everything related to the subject. My emphasis is more on application aspect and not just on theoretical concepts. The students can discuss even after the class hours also if they feel so.

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Suggestions for the current youth and the aspiring students

There is no substitute for hard work. Modern education is very demanding and very challenging too. However, it has opened more doors of opportunity for the deserving ones. Before demanding anything, the students should become deserving.