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Mr. Amitabh Kumar Gupta is the Campus Director of ABS Academy Durgapur. He holds vast experience in the field of corporate and has served successfully at various decision making positions. He has been a Co-Founder and CEO of successful organizations. He was a delegate at Indo-French Business Summit led by former Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh. He holds a degree of B.Tech in Electronics and Communications Engineering from Lucknow University.

The best gift to someone is to teach them

The best gift to someone is to teach them. I feel education is the most noble industry to work in. It nourishes future leaders and prepares them to make a better tomorrow. One has to dedicate themselves in this industry and make sure to “Give” as much as they can for the development of the students. The practical experiences that they can have through preaching will make them climb the ladder of success.

Enlightening the path and becoming a pillar of support system are qualities that a Leader should possess

Leadership is about becoming a strong pillar of support for your team. It is about motivating them and involving them in the decision making from the grass-root level. It is a system of reward and recognition. It is simultaneously about giving them enlightenment through their tough times and making them realize by becoming a support system to them. Leadership can get extra-ordinary output from ordinary people.

Finding people who could the primary goal is to help stimulate the growth of the students was the biggest challenge

There were several challenges during the journey. The most significant challenge among them was to find the befitting people with right attitude. Those who could understand that the industry is not a money minting business, and put emphasis on the learning of the students to help them evolve were made a part of the institution. A lot of people fail to realize the objective of the education industry is to help stimulate the growth of the students. Education is industry of giving not taking.

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We are always on our toes to meet the changing requirement of the industry 

Our college provides diploma, degree and master degree courses. Thus, we are always on our toes to meet the changing requirements of the industry in every field. This makes us adapt and revise our curriculum accordingly. Also, we strictly adhere to the curriculum as given by the West Bengal State council & University. We have different soft skills classes that benefit in enhancing the personality of the students. 

Students should be inquisitive and have an inclination towards constant learning

The students must possess inquisitiveness. They should have an inclination towards a constant learning approach; they must be respectful towards others. Also, they should always keep in mind that they are the future of this country, and must act accordingly. 

Ideal school environment and culture should be harmonious and peaceful 

The institute’s environment should always be harmonious, and peaceful. We are from the lands of Nalanda & Takshila. We should keep in mind the legacy that we are carrying and stick to our roots. The institute should always focus on research and developments so that the student’s future is moulded brightly. 

I keep a direct contact with the council team of the students for their know-how

I communicate quite often with the student’s council team and keep to know what is going on, and how we can constantly improve our students. There is a special committee of faculty members who looks after the general welfare of the students. In a way, I am always approachable by all of the students. 

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The goal is to impart quality education and improvise on the same with the technology and time

The goal will always be to impart good quality education through the best approaches. Provide more focus on extra curricular activities so that the students are equally exposed to grasp different skill sets. 

The time to cultivate and bring the best out of you is when you’re a student

When you are a student, you are in the golden year of your life. You should spend your time very wisely. Develop a few hobbies so that you can pick some extra domains of expertise. If a student spends the college years wisely, then he/she will be set to have a successful career in the years to follow. If you waste this time, then you have to struggle all throughout your life.