Asian School of Business (ASBM) strives to provide a highly evolved value-based education in the field of management. The mission of the university prepares Newgen leaders by instilling the power of positive thniking and an insatiable desire for new information. Read on to know about the recent happenings at the university.

ASBM hosts Union Budget Conclave 2020

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Date: Mar 02, 2020

ASBM University organized a Conclave on ‘Union Budget Conclave-2020’recently. It was addressed by CA Sugyan Sahoo,Chairman, ICAI, CMA Shiva Prasad Padhi,Practitioner and Mr. Rajen Padhi, Commercial Director, B1 Business House Pvt. Ltd.

In his address to the gathering, Panel Moderator CA Sugyan Sahoo said that the current Union Budget -2020-2021 is a welcome step towards strengthening the dwindling economy of the nation and the government has taken a firm and bold attempt in putting money into the hands of the people. Mr. Sahoo deliberated on the importance and relevance of the new direct tax regime,which gives a viable alternative to the taxpayers to choose from. Panel Member CMA Shiva Prasad Padhi adroitly dissected the current Union Budget and spoke on the government’s attempt at the simplification of the taxation system which will more or less eliminate the tax-evaders. He explained the budgetary process and opined that it was tough job for the government to formulate a budget as resource generation is a tough task in the current economic situation. 

He emphatically spoke on the various sectors the union government has pumped the money to bring about a holistic development of the country’s economy. Panel Member Mr. Rajen Padhi in his address expressed his concern at the dismal state of affairs regarding unemployment and low investment in the two most important sectors, namely Education and Health respectively. He pointed out that Demonetization and GST had an ill effect on the economy and lead to the current economic slowdown. However, Mr. Padhi was optimistic about the intent of the government regarding the budget and said that the future will definitely be a watchdog for the magnanimous efforts laid in the union budget. Interactive session with the students ensued thereafter and the whole session was lively and vibrant. Vice Chancellor, ASBM University, Dr. Kalyan Shankar Ray presented the mementos to the speakers.

ASBM University kickstarts International Management Conference 2020

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Date: January 13, 2020

International Management Conference (ImCon) 2020: an intellectual conglomeration of Management Gurus, Administrators, Research Scholars, Industrialists, and Students was a three-day event, at ASBM University. 'Rise of the BRICS Economies: The New Globalization' was the theme of this International Management Conference. Subthemes of the Conference were Managing Money- Maximizing Value, Managing People and Process, Managing Market Competitiveness, and Managing Technology and Operations. This three-day-long event was inaugurated by Ambassador Lalit Mansingh, Former Foreign Secretary of India, by lighting the ‘Lamp of Wisdom’. 

In his address, Chief Guest Ambassador Lalit Mansingh provided a kaleidoscopic view of the current global economic situation with a specific thrust on the BRICS countries. He has traced the chronological evolution of the economic reforms of India and the major hurdles that encompass the economic stronghold. Ambassador Mansingh has enumerated the major problems of BRICS countries such as International Terrorism, HIV AIDS, Cyber Crime. 

The Guest of Eminence, Prof. Fon Sim Ong, Vice Provost, University of Nottingham, Malaysia (UNM) was also a spokesperson at the event. He talked about the global population aging, and the need to understand the aged customers. Dr. Rozalini M. Fernandez-Chung, Director, Centre of Academic Partnership and Engagement, University of Nottingham, Malaysia (UNM), was also the Guest of Eminence. She emphasized the role of education on sustainable economic prosperity. She proposed various approaches to promote education collaboration among the BRICS countries to develop a sustainable economic foundation.Another Guest of Eminence, Prof. Lutfar Rahman, Registrar, International University of Business Agriculture and Technology; Bangladesh, spoke about the importance of the rise of BRICs countries as the emerging economic forces for the coming future. 

To add flavor to the occasion, ASBM University published a book entitled - New Globalisation: Integrating People, Technology, and Market, which was released by the Honourable Chief Guest Ambassador Lalit Mansingh. In his Presidential Address, Prof. (Dr.) Biswajeet Pattanayak, President, ASBM University highlighted that the cross – border trade barriers have been demolished through advanced smart technology, an open mind approach of the developing countries. He went on to add that the contribution of the BRICS to the world economy is expected to continue to account for more than half of the global economic growth by 2030.

The valedictory session of the International Management Conference (ImCon)-2020 was organized on 11th January 2020, at ASBM University. The Valedictory session was attended by Guests of Eminence Mr. Jugal Kishore Mohapatra, IAS (Retd.), Former Chief Secretary, Govt. of Odisha, Ambassador Abasar Beuria, Ambassador Malay Mishra, Mr. Vivek Pattanayak, IAS (Retd.), Former Director, ICAO, Montreal, Canada. 

Eminent speakers who delivered a talk in different technical sessions included Dr. Ashish Banerjee, Professor; IIM Calcutta, Mr. Raj Banerjee; Business Head-East, Small Format, Future Group, Prof. Jyotirmaya Mohapatra; Vice-Chancellor; AIPH University, Dr. Kishore Kumar Das; Head, Department of Business Administration; Ravenshaw University, Dr. Santosh Kumar Tripathy, Dean; Business Studies and Management; Utkal University, Prof. Bibhuti B. Mohapatra, Head, Department of IR & PM; Berhampur University, Prof. Dasarathi Sahoo; Head; Department of Business Administration; Utkal University, Mr. Jatindra Kanungo, Former Senior Specialist, Portfolio Management & Corporate Strategy, Cameco Corporation, Canara. 

Prof. (Dr.) Kalyan Shankar Ray, Vice-Chancellor, ASBM University, introduced the theme and gave the welcome address of the session. In the ImCon’2020, a substantial number of research papers by academicians, research scholars, and industry practitioners from different countries and throughout India have been immensely contributed. The conference conveners were Dr. Bhakta Bandhu Dash, Dr. Barada Prasanna Mohapatra, Dr. K Shubramanyam, Dr. Sitanath Raiguru and Dr. Sudhanshu Sekhar Nanda.

ASBM organizes 9th National Finance Symposium 

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Date: December 26, 2019

ASBM University has recently organized the 9th National Finance Symposium recently on a pertinent theme - "Indian Economy: The Challenges Ahead” in association with Odisha Commerce Association. The symposium was inaugurated by Brigadier Laxmi Charan Patnaik (Retd.) Hon'ble Chairman, Odisha Public Service Commission. It was attended by delegates from the academic and industry, students and faculty members.

In his address, Brigadier Patnaik emphasized on the need to understand the shifting dynamics of the Indian economy in retrospect to the evolution of the economy since independence to modern times. He spoke at length about the Latinization of the Indian economy and the future challenges lie ahead in the form of minimizing the regional inequalities of wealth distribution, the need for massive investment in agri-business and shift from limited capitalism to socialism. 

The keynote speaker, Dr. Srijit Mishra, Director, NCDS, Bhubaneswar, expounded on the current state of the economy as rural subsiding the urban. He spoke at large on the manifold global crisis in the domains of environment, agriculture, food inadvertently affect the economy. The Guest of Honor, Prof. (Dr.) Prabodha Kumar Hota, Head, PG Dept. of Commerce, Utkal University & President, Odisha Commerce Association in his address extensively stressed on the need for massive investment in the rural sector will only boost the weakening economy. 

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Another Guest of Honor, Mr. Shreekanta Mohapatra, General Manager & Circle Head, Canara Bank, Bhubaneswar with an air of optimism, addressed on the necessity to take risks in the form of indigenous investment to ensure a robust economy. Founder and President, ASBM University, Prof. (Dr.) Biswajeet Pattanayak delivered the presidential address where he spoke optimistically with the fact that the present state of the economy is in bad shape in entirety is not completely true as the global GDP is also showing deceleration. He also stressed that the Indian economy is characterized as the developing market economy. 

The theme of the symposium was introduced by Prof. (Dr). Kalyan Shankar Ray, Vice-Chancellor, ASBM University who spoke on the way ahead situation of the current Indian economy. Dr. Ray evokes the fact that although GDP as an indicator of economic well-being is important, the happiness index of the people is also equally significant.

ASBM organizes 9th National MarkLogistics Symposium

Date: November 30, 2019

ASBM University recently organized 9th National MarkLogistics Symposium on the theme - “Supply Chain Optimization: Attract, Engage and Delight Customers.” The event was inaugurated by Mr. V.S. Manimaran, Managing Director, Visskan Aviation Group, Bangalore and Mr. Subrat Tripathy, CEO, Adani, Dhamra Port. 

Mr. Manimaran in his address enlightened on the admixture of logistics with technological advances to overcome the daunting challenges that lie ahead. Drawing from his rich experience in the aviation industry, he elaborated on the changing dynamics of the need for an expensive role of marketing and logistics in the prospective future market. Mr. Tripathi talks about the importance of logistical platform in order to have robust economic growth. He spoke at large about the need for intermodality within the logistical framework and stressed the areas of strategy, cost, and effectiveness to have a formidable logistics in India.

The Guest of Honor, Mr. Anjani Kant, Chief-Projects, Subarnarekha Port Pvt. Ltd. of Tata Group, in his address extensively spoke on the need for massive investment in the infrastructure in the domain of logistics so as to attract and delight the potential customers. He evocatively spoke on the significance of maritime trade and how ports play a crucial role in the country as maximum trade is done through it.

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Prof. (Dr.) Biswajeet Pattanayak, President, ABSM University said that there is an immense scope and galore of opportunities that lie in the field of Logistics and Supply Chain in the coming days. The theme of the symposium was introduced by Prof.(Dr.) Kalyan Shankar Ray, Vice-Chancellor, ASBM University.

ASBM University introduces Prof. Biswajeet Pattanayak as its President 

Date: October 11, 2019

Prof. (Dr) Biswajeet Pattanayak, a well-known management guru has been appointed as the President of the newly established ASBM University by the Govt. of Odisha. On this precious occasion, Dr. Pattanayak has expressed his sincere gratitude to the Hon’ble Chief Minister of Odisha Sri Naveen Patnaik.

Prof. Pattanayak is the recipient of the prestigious teaching excellence award from ACBSP, the USA in 2016; “Dewang Mehta Award” for the Best Professor in HRM and “Deccan Herald Award” for the Best Teacher in Management in 2008 and “Career Award” by Govt. of India. He has also been honored by “Indo-European Who’s Who”, “Who’s Who in the World” and “Leading Scientist of the world” by the International Biographical Center, Cambridge.

Before establishing ASBM, Prof. Pattanayak was the distinguished professor of IIM, Lucknow and IIM, Indore. He has also led the Indian Institute of Bank Management of Reserve Bank of India as its Director. Before that he was a renowned management professor in National Institute of Industrial Engineering, Govt. of India. He has to his credit 85 research publications and 24 books. His two famous books “Human Resource Management” and “Creating Performing Organization” are the best sellers in Amazon.Com.

He was appointed by the Hon’ble President of India as a member of the courts (the highest body of Governance) of the Central University of Rajasthan and Guru Ghasidas Central University, Chhattisgarh. He was an elected member of the Council of Management of All India Management Association, New Delhi and Board Member of National HRD Network. All the HR Heads of the leading companies in India are members of this Network.