CAT has been belled and the results are out! The focus has shifted from, “What will I score? to, “Where should I apply now?” Obviously, when most of the B-schools judge the caliber of a candidate through the lens of the CAT score, it is inevitable for one to despair if all did not work in his/her favor on the day of CAT. However, there are some Institutes which believe that CAT Score cannot always judge the true mettle of a candidate. This is not to undermine the aptitude of a high CAT scorer. Without a doubt, such candidates are the crème de la crème of the candidate pool! But a fair chance needs to be provided to all others too. After all, CAT score doesn’t tell the whole story. This is why Sri Balaji Society in Pune, believes that all candidates need to go through a screening process comprising GD, PI, and Essay writing which gives them one last chance to prove their capabilities. The screening process which gauges the candidates’ command over the Queen’s language and communication skills has not only stood the test of time but has also been ranked as one of the robust selection processes by Business Today, Oct, 2017.

The Society has devised its screening process wherein the performance in GD/PI/Essay rounds of selection, carries 65% weightage while the management entrance score has 35% weightage. This means that, anyone with a decent command over English, good communication skills, and updated with current affairs can hope to fair well and secure a seat in the prestigious institutes thereby kick starting his management career. The Society is so strong in its belief that talent exists beyond the CAT score that it has set no bar for the CAT Score. This belief of the Society has also been testified by the corporates who flock to SBS Campus during the placement season to recruit Balajians.

So, if you believe you have it in you to communicate your worth, if you dare to dream of a management career despite all odds against you, then Sri Balaji Society’s selection process may just be that door which leads you to that dream, provided you apply yourself to the task of self-improvement during the two-year PGDM program. 

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