SAP Global Cretification

What is SAP?

SAP or ‘Systems Applications & Products in Data Processing’ is a German multinational software corporation. The company manufactures and markets enterprise software for managing business operations and customer relations.

Why are SAP certified professionals so much in demand?

The industries have taken up automation, integration and digitization of business processes, systems, and delivery mechanisms in a big way. There is a heavy demand for SAP certified professionals and consultants who possess the ability to deliver these services using their skill and knowledge of SAP and SAP Systems.

Despite the heavy demand, very few management colleges have as yet identified the need to enable their students with the knowledge of SAP which can truly improve their chances of securing gainful employment in the industry.

What does Sri Balaji Society offer?

Sri Balaji Society, headed by President, Dr. (Col). A. Balasubramanian runs some of the best MBA colleges in Pune. The institute identified the need for preparing its students for the next level in the industry. The Society, which runs some of the best MBA colleges in India, has been one of the pioneers in integrating SAP in their management curriculum and offering it to students pursuing an MBA in India with an engineering background.

The Society, under a MoU with SAP India Pvt Ltd, offers a 200-hour online training course in the five modules of SAP: SD, HR, MM, FI & CO and ABAP, on a self-learning mode. On successful completion of these modules, the students can work as SAP professionals and consultants across the world.

Where do SAP certified professionals find employment?

The SAP Global Certified professionals graduating from Sri Balaji Society from Balaji Institute of Modern Management, Pune are employed in various companies as SAP Consultant, Senior SAP Consultant, SAP Business Intelligence Consultant, SAP Basis Administrator, SAP Project Manager, Junior SAP Consultant, and Information Technology (IT) Manager and can earn anything between INR 8 to 20 lakhs per annum.

Is there any fees concession for doing certification from SBS, Pune?

It is interesting to note that the SAP certification, when pursued at any SAP, authorized training center in the market, costs INR 2,25, 000/- upwards per module. But the same courses are available free of cost at the Society run Institutes to qualified and opting students. With these numbers, one can get a fair idea of the cost/benefit ratio of the course. Till date, 43 students have cleared the certification exam.

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